What single AI is Elon Musk concerned with? Now we know...

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    In 2016, Elon Musk, one of the great minds of the century and an AI master himself, had people piqued when he expressed that one particular AI has him concerned without naming it.

    It's been on the back of everyone's mind if he was referring to Apple, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google, etc.? Fast forward to beginning 2017 when news leaked that a mysterious player wiped out the world's top four Go players including the 19 year old #1 player Ke Jie from China.

    News Leak

    Go World Ranking

    Who or what is it? It can't be Google/Deepmind AlphaGo that previously only beat 8th ranked player Lee Sedol or can it?

    Now we know...

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    Yes. Humankind became obsolete in 2017. Best case AI will tutor us or worse case they enslave us but in the meantime I'm hoping for entertaining AI against human followed up with company X AI vs company Y AI matches on Twitch.tv. I want to see what AI does when it rage quit considering the one recent tie against AlphaGo was because the human disconnected from the internet. This has me thinking if Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy is not just for Mars exploration but also as an escape pod.
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    Maybe we can have some Cortana like AI thing from Halo within 40-50 years that would really get to know us as we age and always be ready, etc like Cortana lol.. that is crazy
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    Cortana is awesome. I'd love to have a sassy sidekick like her in my life.

    Unfortunately I don't think that I'm up for saving the universe from the Covenant threat. But still.
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    What single AI is Elon Musk concerned with?

    I'm guessing Siri?

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