What specifically causes a stuck battery indicator?

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    Background: A while ago I noticed that my iPhone was crashing a lot. And I don't mean freezing, I mean the screen would go black, with a "CRC ERR!" kernel panic in the log next time I'd boot it up.
    After several days, I deduced that this was being caused by the battery emptying without the phone registering it as being empty. The error was caused by the battery genuinely running empty, so that instead of going into its semi standby mode when the battery is almost empty, the phone would simply turn off instantly at the moment of no battery power left. This explained not only the panics, but also the fact that until charged, the phone would get as far as the Apple logo before crashing again. What I have is a battery which is not reporting its status correctly to the OS, resulting in a false battery readout and consequent crashes when it runs out of juice while the system *thinks* it still has plenty left.

    This problem is strangely intermittent. For example, last night the battery went down to around 2% normally and then automatically shut down, the way it's meant to. Charged up normally as well. However, today, the battery has been stuck at 85% for several hours, meaning I am now charging it because I don't know how much it actually has left - it could well be almost empty given how much I've been using it. Turning the phone off and on again will fix the battery indicator, but carries the risk of sending the phone into a state in which it will randomly have these CRC crashes consistently until the next time it's charged - empty or not.

    This whole situation is incredibly irritating as you can imagine. Can anyone tell me specifically what mechanism is likely behind this? I'm posting here rather than Apple Discussions because I'm sick to death of "take it to a store" every time someone asks a technical question. I'm interested in devices and I'd like to know for myself what the issue is here instead of the stock "get it replaced" which seems to pervade a lot of Apple communities - for instance, if it's likely to be the battery itself that's broken, I can replace that myself for about €7 instead of sending it to a repair place for €50 and not getting it back for a week. I'm in Ireland so there are no actual Apple stores or genius bars, only authorized service places - as I say, not knocking on Apple but I really detest this "give it to an expert and let them handle it" ideology which seems to accompany Apple forums, I want to know how things work and do it DIY if I can :D

    Can anyone shed any light on what's going on here?

    NOTE: It's an iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1.3, haven't upgraded due to the god-awful layout my unfortunate father has been stuck with since he upgraded his! Been using this iOS since the day it came out with no problems though so I doubt that's contributing to whatever issue I have.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    A crc error sounds like a memory problem, which I guess could be caused by no voltage across the circuits. Phone ever get damaged or wet?
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    I can confirm 100% that it is in fact a battery issue, what I can't confirm is whether it's the battery itself that needs replacing, or some of the components connected to it.
    The phone only reboots persistently when it's recharging. Apart from that, the batter indicator is stuck and if I reboot the phone to get the correct battery reading, it will then reboot consistently until the battery is dead. I've had a look in iPhone Configuration Utility and found the following, endlessly cycling error loop whenever the phone is plugged in:

    So it's something to do with the temperature of the battery. From this log, is it clear whether this is an issue with the battery itself or with a nearby component like the battery connector or a temperature sensor? Or could it be as simple as the battery being loose inside the phone?

    The only chance it may have got wet is when I took a quick picture in the rain a couple of weeks back.

    Does this new log shed any light on what's going on?
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    I have the same problem, I just want to know if you found out the answer or not?


    Hatrickpatrick pleassssse share your point of view, my iphone has dropped very badly and I am really worried I cannot fix the problem
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    No solution yet sadly. After doing further research, it's been suggested that the fault is with the battery connector, which apparently can get damaged relatively easily and while the +/- connectors (that actually power the phone) are ok, the gas gauge (which tells is how much juice is left) and the temperature connector might have come off, which would explain both the wonky percentage and the fact that the phone is constantly overheating any time I plug it in.

    Reckon I'm going to try replacing the battery first and then replacing the connector.

    As I say, I just refuse to go down the route of "send it to Apple" or "get a new iPhone". A phone shouldn't be considered so disposable, and as I live in a country with no Apple Stores (Ireland), sending it to Apple entails several weeks without any phone at all.
    Glad to have found a forum which is supportive of this kind of thing instead of just throwing the "restore the phone and if that doesn't work send it back" mantra at everyone regardless of their specific problem :D :D :D
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    This is such a no brainier. Back it up to iTunes and go to the apple store and get a new one. Even if it's out of warranty a lot of times the store will look the other way and switch out the device. I know it's not the answer that you like.

    If your wondering what's causing it, the genius will run ios diagnostics on it and it will say what's wrong. If you don't want to go to the store you can go to support.apple.com,create a ticket, and send in ios diagnostics remotely. This requires you call apple or chat apple to discuss what the remote diagnostic test sent. Click on extended test. Extended will send usage about apps

    The only thing you can really do troubleshooting wise is do a full backup to iTunes and try to restore the phone using DFU or erase it and set it up as new. If those methods do not fix your iPhone and you get crc errors you pretty much have to go to the store and hope the genius helps you.

    What other answer do you want , go to ebay and buy the replacement motherboard yourself ?

    The downside of backing it up to iTunes and getting a replacement is sometimes the replacement will be a different ios version and your backup won't restore Until the version matches.

    A crc error indicates a hardware fault, end of story, try to reinstall ios, fail , replace iPhone .
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    Oh so your in Ireland. Bummer. You can still send remote diagnostics to support.apple.com,and chat them but I still think your going to have to replace the iPhone

    If you had any AppleCare left maybe they would of covered a nearby authorized service center.

    If you had any insurance or extended warranty they would of covered replacing the iPhone after paying a deductible

    Alternate solution
    Back up to iTunes
    Break your cell phone contract and pay etf and switch carriers, and get a brand new iphone for the same price as all these repairs
    If you are not under contract, ask for an upgrade or switch carriers.

    Alternate solution II
    Send phone to apple. Keep SIM card. Use sim card in another phone until you get your iPhone back
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    Hi hatrickpatrick. I've got the identical problem. How you solved it at the end? Thanks.
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    What device and iOS version do you have?
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