What standalone SEO Mac app do you use?


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Jul 20, 2015
I'm trying to find some sort of All-in-One standalone Mac app without Java and doesn't costs 99,- a month. This probably isn't going to happen so maybe 2 or 3 standalone apps will do just fine, each app for it's own field of expertise of course.

I'm not looking for the best app or an app that performs miracles. I understand SEO, its mostly based on time + solid content and eventually you'll see results in growth if your markup is semantic organized. It's not magic or some 12 step secret.

For a client I redesigned a site that was already online for 2 years but a mess to crawl and load. I redesigned it to a WordPress site, installed the Yoast SEO plugin so you'll get feedback while you write content and even people without knowledge can read the SEO feedback it provided, it's very simple, make sure your SEO score is green before you publish content, if not try to improve the orange bubbles.
Almost 80% of the site content has been rewritten and formatted on site, mostly all pages receive a green Yoast score and after 4 months we notice a lot of improvements. I mean before I made this redesign this client had trouble ranking above 2 or 3 local companies in the same field. Now 4 months later we rank a lot higher than them. Now we are already looking at more nation wide companies to compete with instead of locally only. We also see results in Analytics, more people find the company site and we get more questions via the contact form. It's really nice to see what you are doing is really working.
For the record, those terms we try to rank for where all 3 keyword phrase with lower search volume. So no miracles have happend, it was just basic logic and following standaards.

The only problem is. What I did right now, was a lot of research time, I got paid but to be honest I also did this for the first time in such a detail because I really wanted to see the results and test what I did really worked - so I maybe spend 100 hours on SEO while I only got paid 10 hours. No problem at all but for now, when I want to take this to the next level and speed up my workflow hopefully by combining taks into a single app.
I hope there is some app that can provide:

- insight and solid keywords
- find competition sites
- compare sites and results
- maybe find link opportunities based on value

This is about everything you need when you know your site source code is solid and when you're writing content you're doing it the right way. The only problem is, most tools are heavily driven on large sites feedback. You can test Apple.com vs Microsoft and you'll see a lot of information but when you try to search for information about your local bicycle repair shop you get zero results because it's such a low level business. Thats why I'm not search for the best tools, that costs 99,- a month - of course for a good reason when you work with high market sites and doing SEO business all day. I'm looking for software that is more helpful for smaller companies and provides solid information based on small markets.



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Jul 20, 2015
I noticed that software already a few days ago and played around with it few a few minutes. It's a Java app so it's a no go for me!

I don't want Java on my machine. I used a single app for about 12 minutes of demo and the suite was already grabbing about 1.2GB of RAM. Just imaging what that will be if you start running one then one app together for about a few hours.
The price is perfect tho, 300,- up front en about 9,- a month after 6 months for search engine updates is also fair enough. It's just the fact t's made with dinosaur Java. So no go.

If it was Java Free it would be an instant buy for sure.


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May 3, 2016
Shmoo, contact the lawyer Michael Massey in Gainesville Florida (which is me) - either submit a contact form or email me directly (email address is on our website). I need the services you did for your client (editing the onsite SEO factors) for our website done for ours.


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Apr 4, 2012
great to see clients find you for your services ... concerning the java matter, I am in exactly the same thinking, maybe you can consider running it in veertu or VMware Fusion. Veertu is great but not utilizing the video card so it's slow.
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