What Steve Jobs might have thought about the new iPhones

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mikethebigo, Sep 11, 2014.

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    Disclaimer: I do not use the founder of Apple’s name lightly. This is not a “Steve Jobs would never have…” statement. This is an honest opinion piece, an editorial about where I see Apple as a company currently (and about its past and future). I am going to express my opinion about devices you are excited to purchase and I hope you all understand, this is only my opinion, and we all think differently. How I feel and how you feel are different, so please don’t take this as a criticism of your choice.


    I had a bit of a realization this morning about why I felt so conflicted about the new iPhones. I have been an Apple customer for over a decade, and I can easily say the reason I am is the man that was on top and his influence on the products, company, and culture.

    Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist. He believed in simplicity, elegance, and minimalism. He loved to make something work better or be smarter than it was in the past by reducing complexity. Even Apple stated last year in their design video, “we start to confuse convenience with joy, abundance with choice.”

    When Jobs took over Apple again in the late 90’s, he found that Apple had so much going on, so many different product lines, that even the executives couldn’t name them all. He scrapped 70% of the company’s projects. When he introduced the iMac, it was revolutionary in its minimal external disk support since it was broadband internet connected (hence the i before products by the way, it stands for internet). The iPod was revolutionary because it featured a small, simple interface with a simple circular scroll wheel (and some buttons in the beginning). The iPhone was revolutionary because it was a full computer that worked in one hand effortlessly due to its simple design.

    Steve Jobs loved to strip away the nonessential and make people see the value in less. People were always furious at first when a product was announced because they were convinced they needed MORE of everything (“It’s just a large iPod Touch!” “It’s just an MP3 player!”)… but in every simple product Apple found a huge and growing following because they purposefully rejected “more.” Jobs would never have built a mouse that needed 2 hands to operate. He would have never built an iPod that couldn’t be used efficiently. He never wanted to increase the size of the iPhone. Instead, with the iPhone, he prided himself on the fact that they packed more and better equipment than the competition, with a better experience and battery life, in a smaller, more elegant package.

    The new iPhones have been bothering me since I saw them on stage, and this is why. The iPhone 6+ subscribes to the idea of MORE. The way it gets away with better battery and more features is by being bigger, and in the process by compromising the essence of a mobile phone - that it operate simply, easily, and elegantly in one hand.

    I think Jobs would have built the iPhone 6. Its display is larger but can still be used one-handed, and honestly, it’s an engineering marvel. Apple got it to less than 7mm thick while still integrating one of the fastest processors in mobile history, a 6-core GPU, as much storage as the classic iPod had, a great camera, and a nicer display than ever before. It uses a battery 1,000 mAH smaller than the competition and still is competitive with battery life. It has all the latest technologies in the most packed, efficient design possible with modern engineering.

    I think Steve Jobs would have been incredibly proud of the iPhone 6. I think he would have felt it was more futuristic and more impressive. Now, would he have made the iPhone 6+? Maybe, I don’t know. Apple is a business, and businesses need to expand. This usually involves more products and Apple knows well that the Asian market loves larger phones, as do many others. I think Jobs would have been pressured to release it and would have eventually capitulated. But basically, it feels to me like the iPhone 6 is the phone Jobs would have wanted to make, and the iPhone 6+ is the phone the businessmen, and Tim Cook, would have wanted to make. This is not meant to be negative towards Tim Cook, in fact he is a smart man and a good corporate leader, and had the good foresight to build both options.

    As far as I’m concerned, as long as Apple continues to make products that seem consistent with Jobs’ vision, they can make all the extras that other people want to buy. But I’ll stick to the kind of device that honors a certain culture in Apple that made it one of the most loved companies in history.

    Again, this is just my opinion, and I understand that many view the larger screen as conferring added functionality and choice, and I understand how people can be really excited about that. But I would encourage those looking at the iPhone 6 to maybe think a little differently than we are about its size, and see it as something actually more advanced, and more impressive, than its larger counterpart.

    Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts.
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    Wow just wow. Stopped reading after the colon.
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    Steve wanted whatever made the most money, so he'd be thrilled with the iPhone 6 strategy. Bigger phones, better features, more storage, same price.

    Nothing but win here.

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    Nov 18, 2006
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    I speak to the man once a month. He doesn't appreciate your tone.

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    Honestly I think it was more to him than just making money.
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    He died 3 years ago. The market has evolved.

    Peoples' idea of needs and the current media being utilized on these phones really demands a bigger size for the average user to "fully enjoy the experience"....which is what Steve was really all about.
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    Steve was an absolute genius. No argument there. HE told US what is cool/hip/trendy before we had any idea.
    But he also knew when to listen to the customers.
    Remember antennagate? Steve started off by saying "you're holding it wrong"... typical Steve, right? But soon after, he gave in and sent everyone free bumpers.

    I see the same with the screen sizes. Steve himself probably wouldn't want a bigger phone than 4 inches, but the market demands it. People want big phones and Apple wants to be a part of that demand.
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    I loved Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, and it was heartbreaking to read the epilogue, but Steve Jobs did, in fact, die. He would likely be doing the same thing. I am unsure whether he had any input in the Apple Watch, but that product would have been Steve's focus, IMHO.


    The story about MobileMe is a favorite of mine.
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    Have to agree. Idiot or bozo.

    Steve is dead, for better or worse. He isn't coming back.
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    From a business view, apple did a genius move introducing a 4.7 and a 5.5 inch model. Many people bought Samsung because of the screen size when they really wanted an iPhone but passed because of the small screen. I think Samsung has lost its main advantage over Apple and it will hurt them big time.
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    He would also say OP's ideas were "****". That's just how he operated.

    You were either worthy of reverence, or "****".
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    Really felt that compelled to do that tldr write up on Jobs' alleged opinion on the 6+? He appointed Tim with confidence of him having the best ability to run the company.

    And the 6+ being completely sold out only solidified that Apple, in his abscence, continue to get it right.
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    Steve Jobs is DEAD - get it..?!
    It makes me cringe every time I hear "but Steve wouldn't aloe that".
    WAKE UP and embrace Apple 2014 and beyond... :)
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    I love it when people think they have this epiphany about Steve Jobs and come here and post their great moment of "clarity". :rolleyes:
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    Let's hope so.
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    Guys, I never said that Jobs wouldn't have released the 6+, and I never said Cook was a bad leader. I was just trying to talk about which version he would like better, or which one would be more consistent with his internal values, which I agree is tough to assess with how complicated of a guy he was.

    He probably would say my opinion was crap!

    But please, don't imply I was trying to be negative. If anything, I'm trying to say the iPhone 6 was the right thing to do and I think he would have been incredibly proud of it.
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    Another cool thing about the 6-plus is that it lets off the hook that considerable number of Apple iPhone owners who have long and publicly dissed the very idea of or need for a tablet but who over the intervening iPad and iPad mini launches have realized they'd like to have one. The 6-plus is practically a little iPad, complete with telephonic capability as a really big face saver. Behind buying a 6-plus, these guys can then segue to iPad without making any apologies when the really big iPad comes out down the road aways. :D
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    I feel that you were coming from a good place with your post, and I completely understand what it is you're saying. There was no negativity, just an opinion as to what Steve could have thought about today's line up of iPhones. After you stated your opinion, and backed them up, I too can see what you said being very plausible :)
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    2 billion transistors of perfect logic and how many millions of stupid users? There is an older generation of Steve Jobs era, who need bigger print. If you think of the Steve and Steve losing the corporate world to Bill and IBM, and the effort to drive a superior product against those odds, I am not sure there are leaders at Apple with that drive.

    It is quite a feat for such a large company to produce such quality products and to takes big risks. If you look at the apple watch, that product has a huge potential to be a flop, but Dick Tracy had one years ago, and the chance to build a Dick Tracy watch is priceless. If Apple can build a HUD for the watch, they once again could have a platform to own the world with. If you think of growing up with a 17 transistor radio to a 2 billion transistor IPhone6, the only limit is your imagination.

    Steve was the Walt Disney of this century. Does Apple have another? Maybe but it will have to be a different vision.

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