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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by A.I, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Hey everybody. This is the first time I have ever participated in a forum... mostly I'm content to simply read and learn... but I thought this needed to be shared. I recently bought an Iphone about 3 months ago. Anyway my camera stopped working after the second month so I took it in to the nice people at my local apple store... No fuss no muss they simply exchanged it for me and apologized for my troubles. Well the new phone was great except for one problem the saturation seemed to be set to high.. Everything had a strange tint and the colors where more vibrant but darker. I was already used to my first iPhone so this was just a major distraction. I was thinking about taking it back in though technicaly it wasn't broken. Well yesterday I sinc it with my computer to add some stuff and when I unplug it and look at the new stuff the screen looked diffrent.... It looked like my first iPhone which was what I loved... I am so happy but... What The Hell!! Anybody else encounter this?
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    Actually my first iPhone had a blue tint to the screen, which made the Genius at my local Apple Store step back with bulged eyes and a concerned look. I didn't have to tell him a thing before he went into Notes and said that something is definitely wrong. They also exchanged mine no problem, and to show the love I dropped $30 on a case before I left. :)

    That problem however, is one I've never heard of. The screen was a bit out of whack and the issue was resolved by a quick sync one day. Very odd. Also very lucky. I would say though if it goes back one day or something to take it back in and explain that. I myself have never experienced that issue, nor even heard of it. Unique would be my verdict.

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