What the lineup should be


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Mar 9, 2004
I, for one, think that the new configuration of macbooks and mbp's is kind of stupid sooo.... heres my proposal.

$499 iBook 12" 1024/768
256mb ram
integrated graphics
30gb hd
airport included (no bluetooth)

$599 iBook 12" 1024/768
512mb ram
integrated graphics
60gb hd
airport included (bluetooth: $70)

$899 MacBook 13" 1280/800
512mb ram
integrated graphics
80gb hd
airport/bluetooth included

$1299 MacBook 13" 1280/800
1gb ram
64mb graphics
100gb hd
airport/bt included

$1599 MacBook 15"
2gb ram
128mb graphics
120gb hd

$1999 Macbook 17"
2gb ram
256mb graphics
200gb hard drive

Best of all, all the MacBooks would come with a standard white, with the option of black for $50, or aluminum for $100. The iBooks would be sold exclusively for the education market.


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I think you should email this to Steve ;)

I've got to say, I think Apple already has the right idea. I think continuing iBooks would be a mistake, and the current lineup already provides something for most people - even if it is at a price above what most people would like to pay.


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Yeah, I'm sure that *someday*, there will be a 200GB laptop hard drive. But there isn't one today. That's all I was saying.

As for the rest of it... let me see the data that says that it's good for a company's long-term bottom line to get into the $500 laptop business, and then we'll talk. If Apple can continue to major revenue and profit gains using the current model, I really don't see the rationale for them to get into selling Cheap Crap™. :(


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Jan 16, 2005
Bay Area, CA
You realize that you're asking for five different computers and a $200 price cut on an already bargain-priced MacBook, right, not to mention up to $500 price cuts elsewhere? It's not the specifications that are unrealistic (aside from the hard drive), it's the prices.


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Nov 5, 2004
So basically, you took the existing laptop lineup, added features and also made them less expensive. Pure genius! What is Apple thinking? Are they trying to make money or something?


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Dec 4, 2005
Not out today. I am sure it will be cheap enough to put in the MBP and keep them as cheap as this guy is proposing. Your proposal is outrageous to say the least. It sounds good. but won't work.

Are you a PC user?

nnick said:
Originally Posted by mkrishnan
Good luck with that.

BTW, what 200GB HD are you going to shoehorn into an MBP?


Fujitsu is shipping a 200GB 2.5" sata in Q3