What the...So Much for Corporate Email/Customers?


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Aug 16, 2006
Well...Basically I have been getting about 2-3 phone calls a day from people in my company that want the iphone to replace their blackberries/etc. Now today I reread the TOS agreement on the Cingular site and I see this...

Note that access to corporate email via IMAP may require a user's IT department to change settings on the server and firewall. iPhone does not support enterprise e-mail solutions such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Good Mobile Messaging or Microsoft Direct Push.

Now yes I know you need to enable IMAP, but what the heck Apple? I thought Steve jobs was saying they WOULD support corp customers and that we would 'see and hear' from some major players in the coming weeks of the iphone launch.

hey steve...I am not hearing anything and my executives are getting impatient! Where is direct push support, at least give me soemthing to tell these guys, esp when is the phone going to be OPENED to CORP customers!


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Jan 5, 2006
Oh yeah, in an interview with USA Today Steve Jobs said we would be hearing about this in coming weeks, and it "wouldn't be a big deal."

Total BS. I wouldn't hold your breath for Exchange support.


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Dec 27, 2003
Phoenix, AZ

Get over it. It's a consumer product, not a professional one. What's wrong with the blackberries they have now?