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    May 1, 2010
    I'm considering app dev for iPhone/iPad.
    It looks like I'll need an intel based mac, and phone or pad.

    I like the idea of the MBP and found this used:
    and other 15" 2.2 @ $877

    Based on my research, the mac computers don't drop much in value until they get REALLY old. So I'm guessing these are older ones.

    The other option is a new 13" for about $1200 and wait for BTS sale (friend is a coll stu and could buy it for me) get the iphone free and either sell or keep.

    The other option is the mini, but that price doesn't include display, I'd have to share my PC display, and the resale might not be so good and not portable.

    If I buy the 13" new for about 1200, then I'd pass on the ipad for a while which could be a good thing, they might have a better version out after a while. Simular to when I bought my iPod, they came out with the touch soon after I bought my classic (no prob, it does the job).

    Question, is the computer listed an older version and would I see much difference.

    Note: being able to do some gaming and HD vid editing would be a nice bonus.
    and passing on the iPad and getting the BTS free iPhone shouldn't be a problem for add dev as the ipad is very simular to iphone as far as app dev goes, right?
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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Yes, it's a non-unibody model which means it's at least 1.5 years old.
    The BTS Promotion doesn't apply towards the iPhone (or the iPad).

    I have a MBP that is the model that came just before the one you listed. Still works fine.

    Depending on the game it's going to run very well.

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