iPod touch What to do before and after jailbreak? (backup/restore)

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Androidfan1x, Feb 2, 2013.

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    hi, i have jailbroken some iDevices before, and i know what jailbreak is, but those devices weren't mine, they were my sister's and brother's, they didn't really care about backup, restore so what i did was just to jailbreak it

    but now i have an ipod touch 5th and i want to know what to do before and after jailbreak, i heard i should start "fresh" before jailbreak, meaning erase everything on my ipod make it like new before jailbreak, and some say i should do it the DFU way, not just go to settings -> erase content.
    and i should back up itunes/icloud before jb, so i can restore later, but i wonder if i restore after jailbreak doesn't it make my ipod become not "fresh" or make errors or lose jb?
    i also heard about shsh blob and don't know what they are, what they save, what they do,...

    so what should i do? this is my plan, please let me know if it's ok
    - make backup itunes AND icloud
    - restore/erase using DFU mode (how?)
    - jailbreak

    and then i want to have my games progress restored, i don't care about music stats,playcount or books or contact, i just need my games progress restored, i know if i restore from icloud or itunes it has my games progress, but like i said above, what happens if i restore this way, will i lose jb,...?
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    I will write out the instructions in a very simple step by step procedure..

    1. Read one of the already created threads on this subject on this very front page of the subforum.

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