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    So tried a to use a Dell P2715Q which is very nice 4K display on the rMB. I tried to use it in 2560x1440 but it looked like crap. Fonts were unclear and images had poor quality. I returned the monitor, got a 2560x1440 thinking this would be the solution. That is not the case. Fonts are still really unclear, images the same crap...

    Running SwitchResX i Can see that it runs 2560x1440 without HiDPI. Is it not possible to get the 2560x1440 HiDPI over HDMI ?

    The obvious suggestion would be then to get a USB-C to Displayport I assume. Would that solve the case ?

    Problem with that is that with the rMB one can not charge the computer while running an external display which it just insane. I do not want to drain my laptop before running to a meeting or client.

    Is it really not possible to use the rMB with an external display and get a decent quality image ?

    Compared to my old MBA and Thunderbolt display this looks like crap

    Any help would be appreciated.....
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    I've got two P2715Q monitors, and run them via Displayport cables. I tried HDMI input on them but only get 30Hz, which sucks, so since the monitors have a plethora of inputs, I went with Displayport.

    Do you have the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter from Apple? It states 1080p @ 60Hz or UHD @30Hz. But it also has a USB-C charge port, so I would think you could charge the laptop through that port.

    In any case, I also run a 2560x1440 display, which I do not believe is considered a HiDPI display. In my opinion, a 27" 2560x1440 is the perfect display if you don't want to scale (problems with apps in Windows). If you want an external "retina" display on the MB, get the P2715Q and go displayport or mini displayport, then set your resolution to scale. You'll get razor sharp text.
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    Jun 4, 2015
    Thanks for input.
    How do you connect the Displayport ? I have seen a couple of USB-C to Displayport adaptors, but using this one would not be able to charge the Macbook right ?

    I have seen a couple og USB-C Benq 2765 (1440x2560). I get fuzzy text and images on both using HDMI and 2560x1440. Using 4K on the Dell at 30HZ the text is too tiny and 30HZ is laggy,,,,,
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    I'm running a DELL U2715H with my Macbook Pro 15" (connected with a Displayport cable). When I got it replacing my Cinema Display I was shocked how bad it looked, fuzzy text, washed out colors. I then played around with the monitor settings and - important - calibrated it with the Spyder Pro. That helped a lot.

    I'm now waiting for my rMB and plan to connect it through a Hub+ (Displayport). I've heard that HDMI gives very mixed results, especially if OSX thinks it's driving a TV. I completely don't understand why Apple isn't offering a Multiport Adapter with Displayport??

    Hope that helps

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