What to do in Vancouver?


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Jan 11, 2002
Los Angeles
Next week my gf and I are going to be in Vancouver for 4 days and we were wondering what are some good places to go/things to do? They can be touristy or a hole in the wall. I can't remember exactly where we are staying, but it's only a few miles away from the aquarium (which we plan on going to unless it sucks).

We've already got a kayaking tour planned, and we were looking at some other outdoor things too (hiking and a bike tour for example) but the weather doesn't look too outdoor friendly so some indoor options would be nice to have as well. :)



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Jan 28, 2005
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I was there 2 years ago and remember very fondly the Japanese gardens that you can tour. I don't remember details, but I can look around more and see if I can trigger a memory. I believe the estate was built for a wealthy Japanese family, and it was impressive.

Also, take a boat taxi over to the covered markets, and just spend some time wandering around tasting all of the great foods and checking.

The planetarium was pretty neat, and the associated science museum (kind of like the Exploratorium in SF, if you've ever been there). Good for a rainy day.

Enjoy your trip!


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Sep 28, 2005
Victoria, BC
Off the top of my head:

The aquarium is pretty great but kinda expensive. Visit downtown Vancouver, Granville Island, Stanley Park (where the aquarium is so two birds, one stone). Capilano suspension bridge and park is always nice. A lot of these are outdoor activities so hopefully the weather predictions are wrong.

4 days doesn't give you much time to see Vancouver but if you can and the weather improves head try to get on some of the local trails like grouse mountain. South of Vancouver there is Richmond (yuck) south of which there is a small, quaint, fishing community called Steveston which might be worth a visit.

It's been a while since I've spent much time there but Vancouver is one of teh most beautiful cities (BTW, rain is considered to be beautiful in BC :p ) around so enjoy it.


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Jun 13, 2005
Was just there for three days this past July, and it's a wonderful city. The woman and I would love to move there if it weren't in Canada. Or maybe because it's in Canada.


The aquarium in Stanley Park is great, and the park itself is pretty fantastic. Granville Island is hip and there a lot of small art galleries around, too -- I suggest the Contemporary Art Gallery. But then I like my art abstract.

El Patio is a must eat -- great food and unbelievable Sangria.

Well, unbelievable for Canada.


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Nov 11, 2004
The Museum of Anthropology at UBC is great for an long indoor activity

Science World has the BodyWorlds Exhibit in it right now < yay real people...

Art Gallery has a really good exhibit called Raven Travelling

Do the Grouse Grind for an outdoor adventure...

Kayaking is great, try to go up Indian Arm there is one part where there are waterfalls falling into the ocean with starfish, crab and everything visible all around it.

Visit Harbour Centre for a Fantastic view of the city or if you have money do the helicopter tour of the City and the North Shore Mountains...

Granville Island for some really neat goodies...

I live in Vancouver and I love this city, four days is not enough to experience it.


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Ya, it's pretty darn nice here.

For free:

Granville Island.

Stanley Park

English Bay

China Town

Not for Free:

Aquarium is great
Art museum is great, very abstract.
The anthropology museum is coolie, out back there is a trail that goes down to a nude beach.
Amsterdam Cafe, get your herb on.
Rent a bike on Denman and Robson, and cruise through Stanley Park and the Sea Wall. The Sea Wall is a wall that surrounds everything that is nice to look at, so check it.

Bring a rain jacket just in case.

And I hope you like Sushi.



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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
drive 45min north to Squamish. in that region you can have the best rock climbing ever. or hiking if you're not into rock climbing. there are a number of beautiful day/half day hikes and british columbia is just beatiful.