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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Yebubbleman, Mar 25, 2012.

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    I have two 32GB iPod touches, one is the 3rd generation iPod touch listed in my signature. The second is a 4th generation black model. The former was an in-warranty replacement that I got from a broken one that I bought on eBay (I do that from time to time as I've found that it's a good way to get an Apple-refurbished iPod on the cheap) and subsequently used for the last two years. The latter was one that I obtained in the exact same fashion last June but haven't used since.

    A 32GB iPod touch has just enough room for my entire music library (counting all music videos in addition to every non-Podcast audio file in my music library), my contacts and my calendars. That's it. Maybe I could fit a couple small apps, maybe a single TV show episode assuming it's a half-hour show in addition, but at that point, I don't see a point. I'd happily use iTunes Match with it were it not for the fact that iTunes Match doesn't work when I'm on the road and there's no WiFi for my iPod touch to use. I have about 13GB of Apps (not counting the iPad-only apps).

    I was previously going to use the older iPod touch for my music (as that function doesn't require me to have the latest version of iOS, and eventually Apple will stop supporting this iPod) and the newer iPod touch for everything else. Alas, I never put that plan into action and I kind of forgot all about the newer iPod touch, even forgetting to buy AppleCare for it. Now with no warranty on either iPod and the 4th gen model being more or less new, I feel like there's a way to simply this so I don't have so many iPods.

    I'm considering doing one of the following:

    1. Sell both iPods (figure $240 for the 4th gen given its pristine near-mint condition, and $160 for the 3rd gen given that it has been used by me for two years and that it's a 3rd gen and not a 4th gen), use the money toward a current 64GB iPod touch that will do everything I'd need an iPod to do.

    2. Sell just the 4th gen iPod touch (as it's still in pristine near-mint condition); make about $240 for it, use that money toward the 64GB iPod touch.

    3. Just shut up and use the two iPods, the older one for music, the newer one for video and apps.

    I'm torn between the these options as I'm not confident that I can make enough money on the 3rd generation iPod touch to make selling it worthwhile. I get the feeling that selling the 4th gen, given that I haven't used it and there's no warranty on it, might be the smart thing to do whether I sell the 3rd gen or not. Keeping and using both would be the simplest option in terms of not having to deal with either eBay or Craigslist, but it just seems silly to be actively using two 32GB iPods when 64GB of capacity could have me doing the exact same things on a single iPod. Then again, the idea of having the 3rd generation iPod touch around as a back-up also appeals. Either way, I'm not sure. I know that the difference in cost between what I'd make on the 4th gen 32GB iPod touch won't be a huge deal in terms of affording the 64GB iPod touch. What would you do?

    Also, as stated before, I'm expecting $240 for the 4th gen and $160 for the 3rd gen given their relative conditions. Is this more or less accurate, or am I mistaken in this?
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    4th gen iPod touch is still the current generation, they didn't update it last year. I would stick with the one you have, be a little more selective on the music you have with you. Then see if there is a new touch in September, then upgrade.

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