What to do with a new laptop?


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Feb 2, 2005
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Is there a thread which explains what to do when you get a new laptop, (regarding charging battery for first time etc.)

Nothing came up with my search options so could someone post what they know or direct me to a thread about it.


Dec 5, 2004
for the battery when you first get it you should charge it all the way up. Then run it all the way down until you book goes to sleep then charge it back up and use it. I am not sure if this is still nessesary, but I have done it and get great battery life.


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Aug 17, 2003
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Charging it all the way up is still recommended, but running it all the way down is not helpful from what I have read (sorry, I don't have references).


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Jul 27, 2005
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The apple manual says to do just that. Charge it up all the way, then set so it will not go to sleep and run it all the way down. Then recharge. It says to do this about once a month or so!


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Mar 9, 2005
With the li-ion batteries its not as big a deal. Just charge, crain, charge and use at will. I do however drain mine every couple months...but normally not on purpose :D


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Dec 27, 2002
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rtfm = read the f***ing manual? :confused:

Anyway, here's the deal with laptop and mobile phone batteries: First time you charge it up, make sure you charge it up to the top, but even if the indicator is green and says it's full, just let it sit for a little while longer, say a few hours. Then discharge the battery by using it until it goes to sleep by itself (ie: it goes to 0%), and recharge it to the top. Once charged, it's better for you NOT to discharge your laptop battery to 0% every time. Some people believe that if they use their laptop for 30 minutes or so on battery power, they shouldn't plug it into the wall only after they fully drain the battery to 0%. This was true......in 1991.

Today, if your Li-Ion battery is still partially filled, you can plug it in whenever and recharge it to 100%. If the battery indicator says that it's 63% full......feel free to recharge. Do the same thing if you feel like recharging it at 41%, or 27%, or any other percentage. However, once every 20 times you charge it, you should fully drain it to 0%, and then charge it back up to 100%. This recalibrates the battery so that it has a better sense of what a "full" and "empty" battery is.

If you use NiMH batteries in other devices, they DO need to be fully drained (0%) before charging back to 100%. Not true for laptop and mobile phone batteries that use Lithium-Ion.


- If you ARE that old school and would rather fully drain your battery before charging it again, you're actually wearing out your battery faster. You're heating up your battery for too long, and heat kills Li-Ion batteries. Your battery's capacity will decrease faster. Charging whenever you feel like it is more convenient for you, and your battery will last longer.

- Li-Ion, like all batteries, enjoy being used. Your battery will suffer if charge doesn't move through it once in a while, so even if you don't need to, use your lappie on battery power at least once a week for an hour, then plug it in and charge.


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Nov 24, 2002
Abstract said:
rtfm = read the f***ing manual? :confused:
A favorite saying on slashdot.org

I'm not a big fan of using it unless the "newbie" in question is particularly obnoxious, i.e. your average windows fanboy: "HEY HOW CAN I GET MAME RUNNING I REALLY WANNA RUN IT CAUSE TI LIKE ROCKS AND MY FRIND DOESNT WANNA HELP CUASE HES LIKE A TOTALY REATARD AND COME ON JUST HELP ME YOU GHUY S R SO GAY!!!!!"
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