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Sep 6, 2006
I am currently debating how to go about putting together our Family Videos, and I am looking for some insight.

Originally I was thinking of throwing each years worth of videos onto a DVD and then backing them up on-line. However I know that DVDs are a medium that are on their way out, and I'd rather not have to go back in 5 years and redo everything.

Any suggestions on how to handle the videos. Should I just make the digital video files and throw them on USB? Any thoughts on how I should proceed before I commit untold hours to editing video and authoring DVDs would be very much appreciated. Pros/cons that I should consider? Thanks!


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Jul 8, 2011
How about putting them on an external HDD. Then you have them safely stored and can put them on any medium you desire at any time in the future. Even a portable external HDD will do the trick and then it will allow you to transport it around. If you go with a portable, I would recommend a second external drive just in case something happens with the portable.
That's exactly it. Capture them at the highest quality you can, edit them to perfection, render them out to files (I suggest choosing quality over file size), store the files in at least 2 places (one of which should be at a separate location in case location #1 burns down or similar).

If you can afford the hard drive storage, store the perfected (edited) original imports (at the highest resolution you capture too) so that you can later re-render them when something replaces h.264. That way, you won't be re-rendering from renders and losing a generation of quality.

Lastly, family videos make great gifts. The ultimate backup would be to get them into final form and then burn them to DVDs to give away to various family members (or deliver them as video files and install them on relative's computers). Then you've got many backups at many locations as a last resort option (if your own dual backups are somehow lost at the same time).

With the passage of time, the sentimental value of family videos only goes up and up. Be sure to capture them to the max and then protect them like the treasures they are.


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Jan 15, 2006
I would really recommend getting a YouTube or Flickr account.

They both have a nearly endless supply of storage and they will back it up for you.

Each year I have created a little video for my friends and they are still up on YouTube several years on.

For all those that say that YouTube won’t be here forever, neither will hard drives and the current interfaces.

Atleast if YouTube does lose its monopoly and close down we as users are likely to get a warning followed by several days, if not weeks to download our cherished videos.

I am not recommending that’s where you keep your only copy but it’s free and another easy way to share.


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Apr 23, 2008
Pennsylvania, USA
I have a paid Vimeo account and post my old videos for family and friends to view. I have several folders for different sets of friends or family and they are each password protected. People love it and always ask for more.


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Jun 3, 2013
Berkeley, CA
the next step after digitizing

There's some really sound advice about going to a hard drive and making a backup so you have flexibility over the years.

When you're ready to edit, you'll probably have the footage sorted chronologically, which is your first fundamental level of organization.

Then, as you watch the footage, let IT suggest the next levels of organization such as recurring themes/events/mannerisms (over-eating at the birthday party, celebrations, upbeat, sad moments, quiet time, boisterous times, etc). Each of these groupings will show you its patterns and some amazing things can emerge. I absolutely love this process, and would be happy to offer you some guidance through email or on the phone if you need some quick free advice.

Best of luck - it's a thing of wonder to go into a big pool of footage! :D
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