What to do with two LCII's and a Mac Plus and two IIvx's?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by im_to_hyper, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Hey all!

    I have two LCIIs that someone literally dropped off on my porch, along with a working Mac Plus with keyboard and mouse (no boot disk) and two working IIvx systems along with a Performa (looks like the LCII, no idea on the model)

    They all have some cool software on them... Acrobat 3, Word 5.0, Doom II, ClarisWorks 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, etc... but no disks. :(

    I know there is a site that will take the LCIIs and send you a box for them... anyone know what this is? Otherwise... what is the collector value of these others? I really really need them off my hands, since I have a roomate moving in in 2.5 weeks, and her room is the current storage room...

    Thanks guys!
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    LCII's don't have much value....maybe $5 or so..... the performa is most likely a 475, which may be worth something, as there arn't too many of these around and they have the 68LC040 Processor.

    The mac plus's are rising in value, and because you have the keyboard and mouse, you'll get a lot more for it... Maybe you should ebay or or something...

    IIvx machines are not too common, but still not worth much. I saw one get thrown out because it didn't sell at a garage sale for $10....

    I might be interested in one of the IIvx's if your willing to part with one....

    I have some cool stuff to trade.....
    - B&W g3 logic board w/ processor
    -500mhz imac g3 logic board, 16mb vram
    - Mac Plus boot/system/guided tour disks ( not apple, but all on 800k floppies)
    -PIII motherboards, 4xusb, ethernet, etc.
    -Creative Nomad II mp3 player
    -Iomega mp3 player w/ charger
    -40gb IDE hard drives
    -PC 100 laptop/desktop ram

    Any interest?
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