what to get, what to get

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    Apr 8, 2005
    toronto, ontario, canada
    what to get, what to get
    in the begging when i got accepted to O.C.A.D.
    i planned on getting a 12" rev.D powerbook with superdrive. it seemed like a good buy. but as i learned from visiting an apple retailer the screen was a tad on the small side offcourse i shouldve known.
    i have virtually 2000 bucks canadian at the end of the summer for a comp.
    since the begging i have used a mac, my dad was a power user architect using macs since 85. i have also been a user. apple 2c, quadra, imac dv 400, imac dv 450 and now since i took a mechanical design course i am currently using a peace of garbage compaq "2.7ghz celeron, 256 mbr, etc GARBAGE "
    so when i mentioned to my dad i was buying a powerbook he said cool but dont get the 12 its too small. he also said if i couldnt afford to play with the big kids he would help me out. i will be doing some graphic design and learning how to do webpage design. now i have a 3000 dollar canadian budget and i was wondering if u guys could help me choose a configuration. this is my first post because the webpage is a bit tricky.

    power mac g5 single 1.8 ghz
    512 mbr
    160 gbh
    ati radion 9600 xt 128mbvr
    apple cinema display 20" bluetooth ----- $2,887.00

    Powerbook 12" superdrive rev. D
    768 mbr
    geforce fx go 64mbvr
    apple cinema display 20" ------ $2,850.00

    Mac mini 1.42 GHZ
    Bluetooth and airport extreme. + wireless keyboard and mouse
    512 mbr, 80gigs, lacie D2 triple interface 200gig, lacie D2 16x double layer superdrive. apple cinema display 20" -------- $2,813.00

    i wont go near the imac because i dont like there one partedness, they suck.
    when there done there fried. the only reason i considered a mac mini is because if it gos obselete fast, i can just toss it and have all of those wonderfull accessories.
    please note this is on student discount, and the dell 2005fw is $100 dollars more than the cinema.

    sorry for the long, long long post but this is just eating my brain. i just want a rock solid setup. thanks

    ha ha i put this in the wrong forum, what a tricky website.
    your help would be greatly appreciated
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