What to look out for with GoLive


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Jan 23, 2004
Chico, Ca
I've decided to learn how to make a web site. Nothing fancy, mostly text and a few GIF images, I imagine. I already own Adobde CS so I've turned to GoLive as my authoring tool.

After messing with it for a short bit I've noticed their layout grid and table sections add a lot of code and seem a bit wonky in implementation, sacrificing clarity of display in various browsers for initial ease of use. I'm sure, then, there are other elements of GoLive that also do not resolve very well into proper code. Other people posting in this forum have mentioned this about GoLive (and other WYSIWYG editors).

If I stay with GoLive what do I need to look out for and rewrite? Does anyone use GoLive just for site management while doing the actual code in something else?

I like the site management aspects of the program and the easy way to store reusable elements, but it would seem to me if my web sites don't display well then my gains of productivity are useless. I'd prefer to not start with 100% hand-coding, simply because of time, but is that the only way I'll be able to be certain of having clean code?


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Oct 9, 2002
I used to use GoLive (got it with Adobe Design Collection) but got fed up with its heavy code and no PHP syntax colouring (GoLive CS does this though).

I now use a plain text editor called Smultron from SourceForge and it works great (but now site management/FTP).


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Oct 19, 2004
Calgary, AB
I never used go live myself but my experience with it has been cleaning up a former co-workers code, something like this
<font color="#fffff">Lat</font><font color="#ffffff">est New</font><font color="#ffffff">s</font>

I wish I was exadurating but I actually came across junk like that ALOT.
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