What to put on startup SSD 250GB?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by les24preludes, Aug 22, 2016.

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    I have a new/old Mac Pro 4.1 that I'm configuring. Migrating from a Mac Mini. It has a 250GB SSD, and I don't know what to put on that and what to put on a hard drive of 500GB. Can somebody advise? Also how to configure the favourites in Finder to show all my Word/Excel/PPT files as being on the hard drive, not the SSD.

    My thanks for help!
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    Also where to put all the iTunes stuff - that's a job in itself. I have all the iTunes files on my backup external drive so where do I put them, and how do I migrate? Incidentally, OSX is all up and running. Just transferring my files and applications.
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    I would put the whole iTunes folder on the hard drive. You can change the iTunes folder quite easily from within iTunes itself. See "preferences > advanced" which offers an option to change your iTunes Media folder. See this knowledge base article from Apple.

    About your finder question. You can save your searches to the sidebar of the finder. So you only need to limit your search to all word/excel/ppt files the hard drive. There are several ways to achieve this. You might want to look at this article. If you're using another language than english, please load the matching website. Because Apple did implement the finder language specific.
    Keep in mind that you can search for a lot of different criteria. Have a look at the list of search criteria (other ...), perhaps searching by suffix (docx, xlsx, pptx) might be a good idea.

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