What to see and do in Stockholm?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by anjinha, Sep 4, 2012.

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    I'm going to be in Stockholm for a long weekend in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions of what to do and see in that time? I'd also be ok with short day trip to somewhere close.
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    Not sure if history is your thing, but I spent nearly a fortnight in Stockholm two years ago and loved it.

    The city is lovely, and very compact; the Old Town is charming and the whole city is blessed with superb public transport. Food is very good, coffee excellent, and alcohol widely available, but pricey. Service is excellent.

    The museums are outstanding - I loved the medieval city of Stockholm museum, and the few in and around the Royal Palace. The Army Museum is also excellent, but to my mind, the pick of the bunch is the Vasa museum. Indeed, if you are only going to visit one museum, - make sure it is the Vasa museum. This is dedicated to (and built around) the recovered 17th century vessel, to the flagship of the Swedish fleet, the Vasa, - built at incredible expense - which sank on its maiden voyage in Stockholm harbour in 1628 in almost perfect weather conditions; (idiotically, in fact, as all of the gun ports were opened, including those which were dangerously close to the water-line). The King, nobles and Government were watching from the nearby shore as the ship keeled over in light wind and water poured into the open gun ports. The ship was recovered in an excellent state of preservation in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and an incredible museum built around it. I spent a full day there and was absolutely blown away.

    You'll have a great time. Good luck. ;)

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