What to send for UK BTS rebate?

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    What do I have to send for the uk back to school rebate? I know i have to send the barcodes from the box and the printed rebate form, but im not sure what order confirmation thing i have to send.

    It says in the terms...

    "Mail the printed online claim output with a proof-of-purchase consisting of a copy of an Apple Retail Receipt or Online Apple Store Invoice or Shipping Confirmation (order acknowledgments, packing slips or purchase orders will not be accepted)"

    I havent received the invoice yet so i cant send that.

    So which email is the shipping confirmation? Is it the one that will have the delivery tracking number on it?

    I ask because the printed rebate form says that the proof of purchase form must have the products serial numbers on it and the email the delivery detail email doesnt have them.

    Any advice?
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    The got about 3 emails when you placed your Apple order. One will have a header like this:

    Your Apple Store Billing Document Number 9054541069

    it'll have an attachment with it.

    Print that out. But I bet your shipping confirmation would be fine as well. Print both if you're worried.

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