General What tweaks do you use?

Ferc Kast

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Sep 26, 2012
Ohio, USA
I started using iOS back around iOS 4, and jailbroke my devices until iOS 7. I used it for SBSettings, emulators, themes, widgets in Notification Center, etc. After iOS 8, I am left to wonder what there is to jailbreak to get; most of the stuff I did is built-in finally, or is allowed in the App Store.

My iPhone 6 (4.7") is currently on iOS 8.1.2, and my iPad Air 2 came preloaded last Saturday with iOS 8.1.1; so, I wanted to find out if there is something that's compelling enough for me to jailbreak them.


Jul 18, 2013
I use Tetherme. It allows me to tether using my carriers unlimited data plan without them knowing I am tethering. I've used at much as 75GB in one week this way and T-Mobile never said a word to me.

I also block ads. Mostly I use Adblock 2 but I have installed the untrusted hosts mod that blocks ads system wide, apps and all. Adblock does the same thing but you set it on an app by app bases.

Those two are all I JB for and worth JB on every phone.


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Oct 14, 2007

Yes your right  do like to introduce borrowed tweaks to further enrich the iOS #

I re jail broke because I wanted to use ->

BestFiveIconDock as i wanted more icons to hand in the dock.
BrowserChanger as I prefer to use Google Chrome.
Eclipse2 as I like the darker look.
CC Settings to let me have faster access to certain settings such as Mobile Data
f.Lux to try and stop eye strain at night.

I choose not to use themes on my iPhone 6Plus or iPad Air.

I prefer to run a lite jail break on my idevices #


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Jan 19, 2011
I think the biggest tweak that I absolutely can't live without is one that speeds up the animations! I use springtomize 3 and turn it all the way to the fastest speed and turn on reduce motion and my phone feels so much faster! Another one is HUDSpeed. Set it to .3 and ahhhhh it's nice to have the ringer/volume display vanish quickly. I just cant stand the standard iOS speed. It's ridiculous when the a8 is blazing fast and the animations are holding its true speed back. I also use pandoraskips, noliveclock, and FBnoneedmessenger and notracking+. They seem like essentials to me. :)