What will Apple do from Christmas to WWDC?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Mad Mac Maniac, Nov 2, 2012.

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    So Apple just pumped out EVERYTHING!! New MBP, new iMac, new iPad, new iPhone, new iPods, iPad mini (completely new product), new Mac mini, and even the MBA's were just updated a few months ago. I wouldn't expect any of those to be updated again until at earliest WWDC next year. The most likely would be a new iPad (because the 4 is really a 3.5), but even that probably wouldn't be updated until may/june at the earliest.

    So then that leaves basically a 6 month gap (thats half a year!!) where Apple could just be sitting on their butts, watching the competition. Sure maybe they'll update the Mac Pro, but even if that happens, and even if it is a HUGE update, how many people will that affect really? They will likely issue out the dev preview of OS X 10.9 around March, but that will probably be a low key affair as for ML.

    Unless... do you think Apple intentionally reserved that time for excitement to build about a revolutionary new Apple product? The most likely candidate is the Apple Television. Certainly possible. Another possibility would be a wearable iWatch that uses bluetooth 4.0 to integrate with notifications, siri, etc on your iPhone. Any other ideas? Apple always could surprise us... but at this point they have gotten so large that it would be awfully difficult to completely come out of left field.

    What do you think? Will Apple just leave a 6 month gap of (perceived) progress . Can they afford to do that, when people are allready talking about how Apple is losing their edge... Or do you think something big is coming?

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