What will happen if i will restore using my old backup?

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    From jailbroken ios 8.4 to jailbroken 9.0.2

    I made a backup using itunes before i upgraded to 9.0.2

    If i will restore using that backup from 8.4, will i loose my jailbreak? What are the things that will be restored? How about the files from Scanner Pro and PDF Expert, will it be restored too?

    Syncing and restoring confuses me. What are the things that get sync? Are the files in the app like scanner pro get sync too?

    Need some advise please.

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    What will happen is that anything stored in your backup will be restored. The apps you have installed will download again and the data you had for them will be restored. Syncing will restore back to the phone anything you had on it, such as ringtones, books, videos, etc.

    You will also note that Cydia recently started storing it's sources inside iTunes's backups for jailbroken iPhones. So, when you restore you won't have to add your previous Cydia sources back.

    Lastly, an iTunes backup also tends to store JB data. So, as you add tweaks back from Cydia you will also find that any settings you made in those tweaks will return as you had last set them. This is convenient so you don't have to go through each tweak and put things back the way you had them.

    You won't lose your jailbreak. It's a simple restore, you aren't messing with system files, just your personal data. Keep in mind, that it is always advised to restore as new when you jailbreak and then just install your apps/tweaks and start over with your data. But that is often impractical and it's not something I have ever had any issue with.

    The data I have right now on my iPhone started from a 3GS, went to a 5, a 6+ and now a 6s+ with multiple jailbreaks on each device.

    If it gives you any confidence, I just restored two days ago from my stock 9.0.2 backup after jailbreaking.

    PS., there is a jailbreak forum here. You might want to start posting any of your JB questions over there as they are more likely to be seen and replied to there.
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    You explained everything in a very detailed way. And yes, you made me very confident and now I have this feeling that I know everything hahaha.

    Thank you soooo much for your time and the knowledge you shared.

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