What would a very basic app for my business cost?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Tknull, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I am away from my computer a lot, and when a customer calls for a price quote, I have to use my iPhone to pull up my website and enter the pickup and delivery addresses to get the price quote (am talking to customer on BT headset while using net).
    two problems:
    1) My website (which i recently had a mobile theme added to) loads paiiiinfully slow. i can sit and watch it do nothing for three minutes, while the customer is waiting. it is a nightmare. and as soon as i'm off the phone, it works much faster. So there must be some issue with its loading while on the phone.
    2) I'd prefer a native app for my iPhone that i can use to get quotes, without using the browser. It need only be for my company use, not for the client/customers.... although i suppose that would be nice as well.

    Any advice on the cost of doing this? (website provides quote by retrieving mileage from google api, and multiples it by a handful of variables from my admin page on the site.

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    Meh, not much, if it's just calling a webservice depending on some text fields, it would take an average "okay" developer like half a day to 1 day for that.. (no design implementations). So if you average that and take note that a Freelancer from specalised iOS company can cost around 500 euro a day, or more, there you have your price :) Specialised freelancers not from a specific company can even charge more (or less, but that depends on the quality).

    Also, don't forget the 99 dollar/80 Euro per year for your developer account :)
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    Looking at the site in your sig you probably want the driving distance between two addresses.
    Be careful when getting a quote for an app. Some might understand line-of-sight distance, this needs only a few lines of code.
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    This article suggests that a small app typically costs $3k to $8k (USD) and a big-brand app can cost $50k to $150k (and up). This article suggests a $35k budget for a nice looking client server app.

    Some claim that they did their app themselves for "free" (plus $99), but if you add up all the value of their time for all their night and weekend hours, even at minimum wage but especially above for a year or two, you might end up with a more expensive number than the above estimates.

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