What would be better, 2 x 23' or 1 x 30' Apple Screen

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by AlexMaximus, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Most likely this toppic came up in the past, but I couldn't find anything about it. I have the G4 1,42 Dula and I just replaced my great Radeon 9800 card with a 9600 / 256MB card because I just need more screen area to work with. This has finally a Dual DVI port. Allright, but now I have to decide to go either with one 30' Apple or two 23' Apple screens.
    Could I use the 30' Apple to watch DVD's in full scale or will I have a window?
    Which combination is more power hungry?
    Working with publishing apps, Windoof's office suite, Internet, and most likely with Adobes new CS3 suite in the future what would you go for?
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    May 30, 2006
    The two screen solution will improve your efficiency as it enables you to have more things on the screens at the same time.

    I would definitely take the two 23" Apple Cinema Display over a single 30" Apple Cinema Display.

    2560x1600 versus 3840x1200.

    If you could afford two 30" Apple Cinema Displays it would be an entire different story though heh :)

    The 23" Apple Cinema Display is rated at 90 Watt and the 30" Apple Cinema Display is rated at 150 Watt.

    So slightly more for the two screen solution.
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    It depends what you are going to use it for. If it is only for watching DVD's, the bigger the better. If it is for video, also get the 30". But, I thought the 9600 couldn't handle the 30". The 9600 that came stock with a G5 for instance doesn't has dual dual DVI, only dual DVI, therefore it can handle two 23" screens, but not one 30". You'll need at least the 6800 or another card that can handle dual dual DVI.
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    The 9600 with 256MB VRAM has a dual-link DVI port and a regular DVI port.

    To the OP: You don't need a 30" to watch a regular DVD. Watching a DVD scaled up to full screen on a 30" will not be as bad as watching a YouTube video but it's not a quality experience.

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