What would you buy?


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Apr 14, 2008
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Same price but with a slightly slower processor but you get a screen and FaceTime camera, better graphics? Why would you buy the Mini?
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[doublepost=1501225912][/doublepost]Aahh mini has a fusion drive. Mmmmmm


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Aug 5, 2007
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The Mini is in terms of CPU (and because of Fusion Drive) faster.

In terms of graphics, there is no notable difference, both integrated GPUs can use up to 1.5 GB of system RAM.

Here you have the Geekbench scores:


Mac mini

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Feb 21, 2012
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"Same price" is a bit misleading, you need a screen, cable, keyboard and mouse for the mini and that will cost $200 for even "cheapo" peripherals - quite a bit more if you want good quality. Of course, you might already have these.

The mini should be about 25% faster according to the specs, see the full info here:


But you have not told us anything about how you will use the computer or what your expectations are. How could anyone possibly advise you without knowing that? ;)

For me, I wouldn't buy either. I have a 4gb base mini that runs 24/7 as an iTunes server. It's perfect for that but way underpowered for anything else. I also have a 16gb 2012 quad 2.6ghz i7 mini server that I use for video and audio editing. I love that machine but it's almost twice as fast as the mini you're considering and more than twice as fast as that iMac. I use demanding software and want fast processors to render big video files. I also have something plugged into every port of my Mini.

I gave my daughter's family my old base 2012 mini after upgrading it to 16gb and a fast external SSD. They love it for basic home computing stuff. Performance wise, it is probably between the two you are considering. Now I gave this to them because I already had it and it was cheaper for me. It replaced their 10 year old 21.5" iMac that served them well for all those years. If money were no object, I would have bought them an iMac like the one you're considering.
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Aug 31, 2012
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Neither. Get a quad core iMac, or nothing at all.
Great idea for someone who requires or desires quad core grunt….. But expensive, pointless and stupid for someone who has no such need.

Same price but with a slightly slower processor but you get a screen and FaceTime camera, better graphics? Why would you buy the Mini?
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[doublepost=1501225912][/doublepost]Aahh mini has a fusion drive. Mmmmmm
I would (and did) go for the Mac Mini because it is easily occasionally transportable. Additionally, I prefer a matt screen to glossy, and have no use for a FaceTime camera.

At present, few times a term I take mine to work, where I use it with an LCD projector in class, but I have no need for the day to day portability of a laptop. When I eventually move on to my home country, as sooner or later I must, the Mac Mini will come with me, and I'll get new peripherals when I get there.
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