what would you do with MBP?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by abracadabra, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Jun 2, 2009
    OK, i know i shouldnt have bought. honestly didnt think they would come out with laptop changes. I bought a MBP 2.4 ghz 250gb, 2 gb ram and my 14 day period runs out next monday (I bought it educational discount at my university for $1749 with apple care the total was $1998). My question is what would you do? My MBP has the 9600 card in it too. Should i get my money back and get the new version with 7 hour battery and the graphics card with a bumped up processor (2.4 to 2.66, not much difference i know). But what would you do? would you take it back? Im a pretty heavy logic user, but nothing else real intensive.
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    Eric S.

    Feb 1, 2008
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    Which version MBP is it - 15"? It doesn't seem like the upgrade is worth the restocking fee, if you have to pay that. And you might rather have the ExpressCard slot than the SD slot anyway.
  3. Coolmatt49 macrumors member

    Jul 10, 2008
    It's a tough call, because expanded battery life is a plus for me and really any notebook user; however, I believe you would have to pay a 10 percent restocking fee to return the laptop.

    In terms of performance, I really wouldn't notice a huge difference in processor speed, but that 7-hour battery life is very tempting. Also, you get double the memory and some more hard drive space (the more memory would certainly be a performance boost for your machine); plus, you get a better display (whether or not you will know the difference is up to you). Overall, I would PERSONALLY say get the upgrade, but remember, I like better tech specs and look on them heavily when I decide on getting a computer; however, I look more on what I NEED rather than just higher numbers. If you need such a performance increase, then go along and get it as long as you are cool with the price difference.

    However, I would first check on pricing before making a decision; I believe it would be just 10% of the laptop, which in that case would be like $175. If you don't want to throw away that much to get upgrades that you feel won't make a difference, don't get it. Either way, your MacBook Pro is not inferior at all, it still is a powerful machine. I assume you did buy it originally with the mind that it was something you really found suited your best interest.

    (P.S. If you go to the manager of the Apple Store you purchased it at and tell them what happened, they MIGHT be lenient and waive the 10% fee due to the recent upgrades. In that case, if they waive the fee and the remaining balance is cheap, totally go ahead and do the upgrade :p.)

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