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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Saberon, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I've always bought the 16GB iPad and it's never been a problem (I don't have movies/TV shows, I keep my music to my iPhone, so it's generally just apps taking up space). I ordered the iPad 3 16GB (delivery on 26th) but after reading that article about massive app sizes, I'm regretting not getting at least the 32GB.

    A)Keep the 16GB and get it in 12 days
    B)Cancel it, and order the 32-64GB and get it in 21-30 days

    Damn it! Why didn't I think this through earlier, I was just so excited to order one and didn't think....
  2. deeddawg, Mar 14, 2012
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    C) Keep it, see what the *reality* is for your specific application mix vs. speculation based on a handful of apps (and possibly written to get lots of web links/hits), then decide to exchange or keep within your return/exchange window.

    Question - how much space is used by your apps currently?

    Yes, I think increased graphics will impact app sizes making them larger. This will be especially true for graphics intensive games. Likely not as big of an effect for utilities where more of the app size is due to non-graphics elements such as audio or data.

    The other major factor is how much headroom you had in your 16GB. Were you at 1-2GB free or 10 GB free? That makes a big difference in whether you might need to swap out for a 32GB.
  3. Saberon, Mar 14, 2012
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    Wow, boy do I feel stupid. I opened iTunes and copied the 37 apps I use constantly to a folder so I could measure their size. (I use others occasionally but it's not mission critical that they are on there all the time).


    Okay...I guess I'll be sticking with 16GB then. (insert missing embarrassed smiley here)

    edit: Furthermore, I copied all "iPad" and "Universal" apps I own to a folder and it came out to 6.41GB, even if they ALL doubled I'd still be (barely) OK, but most of those 73 apps aren't critical as I said before...

    Thanks so much for making me see the obvious, the excitement around this new iPad has my brain working at 50% capacity.

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