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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 50calty, Dec 7, 2016.

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    I order a new MBP 15" with max specs. Never have owned a mac before. Made to jump because of going to college for Web Design. From all the research it seems that almost everyone in the field uses a Mac. Not really worried about learning on the Mac, I'm a fast learner. However all the graphic issues have me worried. Most of my classes require Adobe CC. So I'm at a loss here, do I cancel my order and try to find a 2015 model or older. Or tough it out and hope for the best? Lastly do I just go back to PC? Money isn't a issue on this at all; as the PC laptop was around the same price. I did pay the extra for AppleCare. Just not sure what to do. My MBP hasn't shipped yet, so I can still cancel it. Suppose to arrive on Dec. 21 to 27th. So back to my original question; what would you do?
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    You have a 15 day to return normally, but during the holidays that is extended, because of holiday gifts and stuff. So you can return up until January 8th, or 15 days from purchase, whatever is relevant.

    If you are doing Graphic Design, your computer with be great, great for what you purchased. If money is no object, yes buy the most expensive one. As for the video problems, first, web design doesn't have the same graphic requirements as video and gaming, second Apple is really good about product replacements, the best of any computer company out there, if your unit is defective they will replace it, and if you have apple care, you have 3 years for it to fail.
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    Use your new Mac. If you don't like it. or there is a defect of some kind, you can return it.

    Just because some other people have had a problem, doesn't mean you will.

    Stay calm and don't panic.

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