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Apr 11, 2005
If you have a Mini with 1 or 2GB RAM and have used iMovie, I would really like to hear your experience.

I've been waiting for the Mini revisions to replace my overdue G4 tower. I have a 19" LaCie CRT and would use that for a while until getting a 23" ACD when and if they upgrade them with iSights. I see the Mini as a great computer to keep for 18 months and then hook up to my tv as a media server and replace it with a Mac Pro, an iMac or the mythical midi-tower.

My big question about the Mini is how it will handle editing in iMovie. I would load 2GB RAM and get a Ministack with 320-500GB Seagate 7200.10 16MB HDD for data and only use the internal just for apps and docs. My alternative is a 24" iMac 2.33 GHz 2GB RAM 500GB HDD 7600GT. The price difference is $3,000 for the iMac vs. $1,100 for the Mini. I'd be picking up a 1.66 Core Duo off eBay and adding the RAM myself. I'd like to wait till Leopard is out to buy the iMac or Mac Pro and think the Mini will be a huge improvement over my G4 for the time. But I am really concerned that the Mini will be slow with iMovie/iDVD/iPhoto. How much of that is the GPU? How much difference will the 2.33 Core 2 have over a 1.66?

Anyone with a 1.66 Mini loaded with RAM that has some experience, please give me your input. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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Aug 5, 2005
I think for video editing a lot more of it comes from the hard drive access speed then the CPU, but personally I found the CD Mini to be quite a quick little computer.


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Aug 15, 2006
Carlisle, Up Norf!
Well that will be my first task when my new 1.83 Mini with only 512meg o' RAM ((for now)eventually) arrives, so if you wait till 2mora (GMT) I will post my results.


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Mar 7, 2003
I'm running iLife '06 on my 1Ghz G4 iMac with 1.25GB RAM and it is totally usable. I'm used to waiting for effects to render and the new themes slow it down a bit but again, it is very usable.

I'm sure a Core Duo mini will be fine for iMovie and iDVD. Especially if you get a 7200rpm HD for your video.

Remember that G4s are not that old and plenty are still in use. The Core Duo chips should be much better performers.