What year of MBP for Photoshop?


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Jul 16, 2013
Prague, the Czech Republic
Hi guys,

I am having a dilema right now. I am now at a stage when I managed to collect some money and I can buy myself a MBP. I need 15 inch screen. Or at least I think I need.

I am a photographer and I use Photoshop a lot. For the future use I will be using it for webdesign and coding. Now only for photography and compositing and some other uses of photoshop. I use Wacom tablet as well.

Now. I watched what brings 2015 MPB and the overall performance is not that huge compared to the 2014 versions. So I figured out I do not need ForceTouch - I really want a physical click response.

So I am thinking of buying a used 2013 version or new/used 2014 version.
  • I am not a gamer but I love some games like Dota2 and CS:GO(both based on Source/Source2 engine I guess).
  • I demand long battery life - well, here both 2013 and 2014 will fullfil my wish
  • I will carry it everywhere
  • I type with all ten fingers - keyboards are the same
  • I want Retina display - both do have it
  • Mainly used for Photoshop, then other Adobe Creative Suite apps - Lightroom, Premier, AfterEffects
  • Do both of them have PCIe based SSD unit? I found out PCIe is faster than SATA.
I know, kind of a simple request which can be satisfied with both years (2013/2014). But speaking of future - I dont want to buy a new laptop for a long time. So the only reason why I am having this issue might be the graphics. Some of them have 2 graphic units, some have one.

So am I being way too detail-focused or does it make a big difference in Photoshop? I really need smooth zooming. I work with xxx Mb big PSD files. I only know it will run way better than on my current EliteBook 8560w i5, 4Gb, Win10, Samsung SSD.

My friend works in a shop and can reserve me one basic version of MBP 2014 with Intel Iris PRO 5100 (I guess). But used ones are only a bit cheaper so I see no point of saving money. Better have it with all warranty.

So are there some enlightened persons who use on a everyday basis, take their laptop with them everywhere and can say some words if 2013 will suffice or should I go after 2014 version?


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Oct 24, 2013
The 2013 and 2014 are exactly the same apart from a tiny CPU speed bump that will make little difference, your only choice is wether to go with the dGPU or not, I would because it gives you 512gb storage space rather than 256GB and if you do a alot photography that's important.

In short it really won't make much difference, if you were editing 4K video it would matter but you aren't so it won't, choose on price and storage space.


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Dec 3, 2010
We have 2013, 14 and 15 MBP's here in 15 inch. They all run photoshop well and I can't notice any difference while using them. I'd pick the one that offers the best warranty for you.


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Sep 24, 2013
I agree with other posters. If you want integrated graphics go new, dGPU late 2013 and newer. You are right about used values being close to new. Use refurbme website to watch for Apple refurbished they go really quick.


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Apr 20, 2014
I'd say go refurb either way. +1 to above post about refurb dot me.

Get the dGPU, if your being serious about the craft it will future proof you. Esp since you are going to be using multiple graphics application and After Effects in particular, you can cut down your render time down a lot, even using it in the editor has gains as well.

I can tell you first hand it makes a big difference, esp larger the files you will wish you had it when things start slowing down on you. Multiple art board, High rez file, multiple applications, etc...

You will take a hit on battery life and it will get hot, but that's just how it goes when the dGPU kicks in.

Also get max ram 16gb, really hoping the new mbp will have 32gb.

They way I look at it is, this is the tool that allows you to make $/h so extra 500-800 of the dGPU the rig amortized over lets tay 4 years is 200 a year max for best performance is really a small price to pay.


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May 3, 2009
Most current and near current MBPs will handle PS, but as mentioned, find one with the dGPU,as that will give you the extra boost in performance.
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