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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Paraskevas, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Oct 3, 2010
    Good evening people, i am readint the forum quite often and learning from your posts lots of things. Since i bought iPhone 5, i've been reading posts and reviews about cases and screen protectors but so far can't say i am impressed a lot by what's sold in the market. Made this post mostly because i would like to read your thoughts on the following combination (of course combo can be changed if there is something ebtter out there, take into account that money is not the problem as long as we do not exagerate too much.

    To the point though. I was thinking a combo of SwtichEasy Tones + GlassT. R or Power Support Air Jacket in smoke colour + GlassT. R. As you understood, i don't like too much bulk to be added to the phone, as i am already unhappy that i have to buy protections if i want to keep it like new even after a year or so. Would you advise me to continue with the purchase of either of the above combo or try something else? Also, becase PS shipping is a bit costly, do you know any European reseller or a trusted Ebay seller? 66 dollars just for transfer costs is a lot i think. Elaborate please!
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    The SwitchEasy Tones and PS Air Jacket are two totally different form factors in my opinion. The Tones will be noticeably thicker, and the Air Jacket doesn't have a lip over the screen. If you are careful not to lay your phone on it's face, which might scratch the Glas.tR over time, I would definitely go for the Air Jacket.

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