what's a good substitute for pre-installation films?


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Feb 6, 2008
I know what the pre-installation films are and what they do, but not all screen protectors come with them and some only come with one even though there might be two screen protectors in the package. The SGP Ultra Oleophobics I got didn't come with one at all so I used a lint roller made out of tape (I think it's just masking tape). I'm wondering if there's something better that can be used instead when we use the one or two that come with our protectors. With the lint roller I just rip off one sheet of the roller and use that but is there something better? Does anyone know exactly what those pre-installation films are? Is there some type of sticker or label that we can buy that would work well?


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Jun 22, 2008
I'm going to show my ignorance. So the pre installation films remove grime from the screen?
oils and smudges must be wiped clean, lint-free cloth recommended. pre-install films are primarily to remove lint and dust particles.