what's difference between a DVR and TV tuner?

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    I'm in the market for a DVR here in Japan to record some shows for studying.

    At first I was looking into tuners for PCs i.e. Elgato/Capty TV because I was thinking of recording shows on my iMac. Now I've decided to go the way of a regular DVR connected to my flat screen just because the whole process is much less convoluted. Just press record for whatever shows I'm already watching or schedule shows.

    Thing I'm confused about is these DVRs from Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony etc are tuners, blu-ray recorders and HDD recorders all-in-one and I'm wondering what the tuner function is for? If I already receive channels why would I need a tuner? Is the tuner for the scheduling function? The DVRs are native to Japan so they obviously have the channels for Japan programmed in which is great because Elgato tuners cant' be used in Japan. Another reason why I'm buying a regular brand name stand alone DVR.

    Other thing is I don't think I'll be using the blu-ray recording option because blu-ray is on its way out and I don't plan on keeping the shows I record. So I'm thinking I'll only need the HDD option and tuner for scheduling.

    These DVRs also have HDMI out obviously so I'd like to somehow utilize that HDMI and go into a ATV2 or MacMini or something because that ATV2 / MacMini can be connected to my iMac.

    Also if they have HDMI is it safe to say they can record in either 720p or 1080p? How many GB would a 30 minute show use up?

    What do you think I should be looking for and what else do you recommend?

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    The tuner is what you need to receive TV channels. Most DVRs have a tuner built-in (you gotta check the specs though).
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    If you are getting the DVR from the cable company it has the tuner built in.

    I don't think Blu-Ray is on the way out, not with the selection at Best Buy.

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