What's it like to work for Apple?

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    Thought you all might find this interesting.

    New York research firm Vault has just published new employee surveys on hardware giant Apple Computer, Inc. (NASD: AAPL) - providing "insider" information on corporate culture, compensation and hiring practices at the company.

    To see surveys excerpts, click here:

    Vault's employee surveys are designed to give investors and jobseekers insight into Apple - and for job seekers, the edge in this tough recruiting climate.

    Says a former customer solutions specialist, "The business of the company is doing great especially with the iPod and their innovative designs. However just as any large corporation the large scale structure, the organization gets lost at the lower levels. The micromanagement needs to be but to a minimum and something needs to be done to increase retention and lower the turnover rate which is substantial."

    A project manager writes, "Apple has its challenges for market share, and will never compete directly with Dell or HP. Instead, the focus is on creativity and the Digital Hub. Products such as the iPod are keeping us profitable during the economic downturn. If Apple continues to develop innovative and quality products like the iPod, then the long term picture should be secure."
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    I'd love to read more but you need a membership to view - ah well - interesting info anyway.
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    Sorry, had I known that I would not have posted it.
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