Whats needed for editing HD video?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by 00bolt, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Mar 3, 2007
    Im looking to buy my first Mac, i watched the 20 minute long video on apple.com about the new ILife 08 and love all the features. Especially the iPhoto and iMovie really attracted me. I have 2 young children and would love to get all my pictures and videos in order...

    Here is question I have. I really dont want to spend over $1k on a new computer. For a couple reasons, one is I just dont want to spend that much money... lol and another is it seems like with computers prices drop and new things come out so often, spending much more than that seems silly to me, when in 6 months its "old school"...

    so, with my budget of around $1k or less... My options are narrowed down considerably.. Now here is what I want to do with my new Mac

    1. Edit photos
    2. Edit video (I have an HD video camera thats ACVHD, I havent messed with editing yet, but from what I read editing HD video requires a pretty hefty computer setup)
    3. be able to use Windows when needed. I have a few programs (simple things) that arent Mac compatible, so Id like to be able to switch back and forth

    other than those 3 things, the basic use of the computer will be web surfing and other basic things you use a computer for... So my concern is the above 3 things to be able to do and to do smoothly.

    I found a Mini that might work for me, and here are the specs.

    2.16 Core 2 Duo processor
    2 GB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive
    Dual Layer Superdrive,
    ALL installed by an Apple Certified Technician
    OS 10.4.10
    iLife '08
    iWork '08!

    so, will 2.16 and 2gb memory along with the Mini's graphic card work for me? I know it would be fine with editing pictures, but the video is what Im concerned about... Also, im not certain on the Windows thing. I know people have it on their MacBook Pros... will it work on this too?
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    The Mac Mini is the right computer for you. When I first got into video editing, I used a iMac G3 with the crt screens with only 190 mb of memory and a 80 GB drive that I installed. Today those machines are under $100 on eBay. I suppose HD really requires a lot more processing and the video types such as ACVHD. The decompressing and compressing is what requires those heavy CPU requirements today. Putting together a video using the old DV cameras using firewire and exporting back out to tape requires very little processor speed.
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