What's so bad about Apple's Windows applications?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by rockosmodurnlif, Jun 13, 2007.

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    Apr 21, 2007
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    While trolling Google I cam across this article and thought it interesting since the big news is Safari on Windows and the subsequent security vulnerabilities.

    From the article:
    The "2001 deal" is the deal Msft made with the Justice Department not to break up after being judged a monopoly, and at the end of the article the author states that it might've been better for Msft if they had been broken up. Speculation about that can go on for years I 'spose.

    But since Apple's decision to no longer be an entity all onto itself and open up to the world of Windows it has only seen its fortunes rise (iPod + iTunes = increasing share price), move to Intel allows Boot Camp and virtualization options (I've read forums with mac users booting into windows to play games) and now Safari has been ported to the world's most dominant operating system.

    I know some are against Apple's branching out (the dropping of Computer from its name) but I stand behind it. I welcome it, I see it as a sign of a company that learned not to be a niche player but is slowly and methodically expanding into areas where it sees potential. I'm just armchair quarterbacking but then again that's what forums are for.

    What's so bad about releasing Windows software? Apple hasn't forgotten its core base of users. The iPhone is for us, to bring the Mac experience beyond the computer. I have seen my fair share of "why doesn't Apple do a PDA" posts, so there is a market. The company made a deal so that it could continue to upgrade and keep their computers competitive. It's notebook line was just upgraded. They are probably working on the desktop line, I don't know but I'd venture to say they are. The new operating system was pushed back but based on the reaction I've seen to the OS from posters here, that wasn't a bad decision (nothing mind-blowing that users can't wait for) versus getting the iPhone (which is being scrutinized) ready.

    Basically what I am saying is i think Apple, multi-billion dollar corporation, knows what its doing.
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    Aug 6, 2006
    its great for apple to release their apps for windows, expand user base, get more convertor, there is nothing wrong with it at all!

    the only problem is apple's windows app always is a pain for windows users. big, chunky, bundle, breaking windows UI. This quality will not help he cause! I saw many ppl even question if apple know how to write windows codes.

    Windows Vista now has drastic UI improvement, and apple app's UN-windows-ish style is even more clear. Think about it, if there is an windows app ported to OSX, while does not offer a shadow under app window, what will osx users think? Ugly? yep, thats what safari/iTunes/quicktime looks like in vista.

    I strongly suggest apple making native windows apps, respect windows user's using habit, it will only help apple more by doing so. after all, a chunky app is never appreciated under windows.

    PS: go search around (betanews, slashdot, neowin, download.com, etc, etc, just check users reviews, Its Not about how OSx users like it or not, its Freaking FOR windows users, why NOT Listen to them?) see how windows users think about apple's windows apps. Apple, you are releasing these apps for windows users, not for osx users, meaningless cheerleading from osx users will NOT help.

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