What's the best iPad 3 guide book for a new user?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Virgo, Jun 3, 2012.

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    My 65 yr old mom almost gave me back the iPad 3 I got her for mothers day because she is scared that she won't know how to use it. I tried to explain to her that it is a lot simpler than a regular computer, and she has changed her mind and decided to at least give it a try first. I want to get her the best guide in book form (paperback) to get her used to it. Any suggestions?
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    iPad for Seniors

    Amazon: iPad for Seniors

    This book came out less than a month ago. 4th Edition includes iOS 5.1.
    I bought five for customers that were in the same boat.
    All five have paid me for the book and enjoyed it.
    The book isn't dumbed down, but it points out a lot of features, processes, buttons that I just glazed over due to common use of the iPad.
    It also includes how to use iWork and other Apple apps and talks generally about other apps.
    It also cover prior to purchase and the various differences in iPads.

    Check out the chapter outlines via Amazon
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    I vote for the iPad for seniors book Wolffie linked you.

    Honestly though, sit down with her for 20-30 min and she'll be fine. Show her that there's only one button and it doesn't delete or erase anything. Assure her that she can't screw it up. That's her fear. They worry they'll cause something to happen that can never be fixed.

    This is how I got my grandmother hooked on the iPad 1 and now she's rocking her new iPad! She even told me after she saw mine that she wanted the new one. We face time and everything. The only curve ball for her is there's two emails now since she uses iCloud. But that wasn't hard to teach her.

    Good luck!
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    To give her complete peace of mind regarding deleting things by accident, go into Settings/Restrictions and set "Deleting Apps" to off for her.

    This way, even if she holds it in such a way that an icon is held and they begin to "jiggle", the cross to delete which normally appears in the top left corner will no longer appear.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I forgot to mention that she lives across the country from me so i am not able to sit down with her to show her things in person, frustratingly enough. I like the apple PDF guide but it's not very convenient that you have to have it open on the screen while trying to learn. That 'for dummies' book looks promising. I think I'll order it for her!

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