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What's the best iPad keyboard case/cover?


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Oct 1, 2011
I'm currently eyeing up the ultrathin keyboard cover from Logitech -

I'm trying to find something that will work with both iPad 2 and 3 (for when I potentially upgrade).

The ClamBook seems a bit too bulky and mainly too expensive for what it is.

Any ideas?

That's what I have! I use it with my smart cover. If you look for "Logitech Ultrathin keyboard smart cover" theres a video by nyceguy79 and it shows how to use both at the same time. It's power combo!


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Nov 23, 2007
Manchester, UK


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Dec 9, 2011
I've had this Logitech keyboard for a while, which I bought when I had my iPad2. I've since upgraded, but it works with 3gen, too.

I also have the Apple keyboard and origami workstation combo, but I've only had that for about a day, so I don't have too much basis to compare them. Here are my initial thoughts (and bear in mind, my Logitech keyboard is an older version than the one you are looking at):

- the keyboard is very light
- the smart keys, which are dedicated to iPad usage, work well
- I really like that it doubles as a case. I have a loose sleeve that I normally carry my iPad and smart cover in, and when I want to bring my Logitech case along, I just slip it on the iPad and it still fits into my sleeve, with my smart cover next to it.

Apple wireless & origami work station:

- I definitely find this keyboard more comfortable to write on. It's not that the Logitech is bad, it's just that this is smoother, and feels more like a 'real' keyboard. Sometimes I go away to conferences and type for several hours on my iPad, so for those kind of jobs I imagine it would really make a difference. However, the LogiTech ultrathin might be different in this respect, so you'd need to try it out.
- Contary to what I expected (I couldn't find any weight specs online), the Apple keyboard and origami case still feel very light. However, they add an additional item to carry around - the keyboard in the origami case next to my iPad in its sleeve.
- since the keyboard isn't specially designed for the iPad, some of the smart keys don't work. This means that I have to physically press the home button rather than a keyboard short cut, and this is a bit annoying when the iPad is in the vertical position, because the home button is kind of hidden behind the keyboard. I tend to use my iPad in that position, if you're more likely to use it vertically it doesn't matter much.

Both of them can hold the iPad in both positions. I think the Apple keyboard & origami might be slightly better for writing in your lap, because it's less likely to fall over backwards as my iPad has done a few times with the LogiTech keyboard on uneven surfaces. Logitech connects slightly faster, in that you don't have to type in control digits. I've seen people complain about the on/off button on the Apple keyboard, but so far it's been very smooth with me.

Another thing to consider is that they charge differently. My Logitech charges via USB, while the Apple keyboard uses batteries. It doesn't make a huge difference to me because both are supposed to last a good while, and if I go away for that long I'd be likely to bring my Air anyway.

Based on this initial experience, if I were to chose one of them today, I would probably go with the Apple and origami, but that's primarily because I use my iPad a fair bit for typing and it's replaced my laptop for certain tasks. If I was more of an occassional typer, I'd probably go for Logitech, since it's more portable as it ends up as carrying as one device rather than two. I usually carry a fair bit of stuff around anyway for work, so the difference to me in portability isn't that big, it might be for others.

Whichever you end up getting, I think they're both high quality options.


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Oct 1, 2011
Would you recommend it then?

I've been looking at the Origami workstation as well which seems pretty good.

To be honest, I have apple wireless keyboard and it was a waste of money!

No dedicated smart keys! The apple wireless keyboard is best for iMacs.

If you want a keyboard like that, get the Logitech tablet keyboard for the iPad, it comes with its own case and the case doubles as a stand for your iPad.

The logitec ultrathin is awesome! I love it! I would highly recommend it. Especially if youre going to use it with a smart cover like in the video
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