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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by RTony, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Hey guys!

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question or if its been asked before, I am eager to find the answer.

    I have a friend who makes animations and digital art, and quite often he draws on his iPad with a stylus. The drawings he makes are crazy! Nothing like I've seen before.

    He encouraged me to give it a try. So I thought why not. I'm looking for a good stylus and have narrowed down my search down to two options:

    Pencil by 53


    Pogo Connect 2

    I really like the Pogo Connect because of it's variety of different tips for styli, but Pencil has great design and comparability with Paper, which is what I am planning to use to draw.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding drawing on iPad with a stylus?
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    Jan 11, 2007
    The short answer is none. The iPad's capacitive screen is woefully inadequate for stylus support, and all of the tricks various accessory manufacturers use to increase accuracy or add pressure sensitivity are wanting. I've been an iPad user since gen 1 and have been trying various stylii even on my iPhone before the iPad was announced. Yes, there is good software for art on iOS, and people who know what they're doing can work within these limitations, but I would personally avoid any of the more expensive "active" stylii and just buy a generic capacitive stylus like the Pogo Sketch or something. The experiences offered by active stylii are utterly marginal compared to the products they attempt to replicate, frustrating and finicky to get working properly, limited to certain software, and don't provide a measurably superior experience to a cheap stylii.

    Given the huge amount of interest people have in stylii for the iPad, I think it's sad Apple hasn't developed their own solution for it yet, but that's where things stand IMO. Just spend $10-$20 on a basic stylus and don't get caught up in the marketing or imagined potential for the rest of them.
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    I went through 2 hours of comparing styli online a few weeks ago before I settled for a stylus by pogo. I do a lot of writing and draw some schematics. If you do more artistic work you probably can't go wrong with the 53. There was a good article on thewirecutter if I remember correctly.
    Interested in hearing what everyone else has to say.
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    The Clinton Archipelago unfortunately

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