What's the best way to charge iphone battery?

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    What's the best way to charge the battery? I mean, everybody is talking about battery cicles and calibration but what does that mean? that the best way to use the battery is charging it as much as possible?


    Get at work and you have there on your desktop your iphone's dock, so you put it there and it starts charging. Half an hour later someone calls you so you have to use the iphone, and when you finish with the call, should you set the iphone on the dock again and leave it going on with the charge? that way during all day? doesn't matter how long are the pauses between charging? I mean, if your out for launch time, when you get back at the office , the better is to dock it again? And when you get at home, plug your iphone's cable during the night so it charges again? So this way you're not doing any cycle of the battery and is better than don't charge the iphone during all the day and allow the battery to drain, and then charge; isn't this last the way to calibrate it? ain't it supposed to calibrate the battery once a month and going on with it like at the begging of my example, charging it as much as possible?

    Could someone post a guide or something of the best way?

    Thanks in advance,

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