Whats The Best Way To Rip/Encode A DVD

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by northy124, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Nov 18, 2007
    Hi Everyone

    I'd Like To Know What's The Best Settings For Ripping TV Shows And Movies In Handbrake and Mac The Ripper.

    Currently I Rip And Encode With Handbrake Using The Presets Depending On DVD (TV Show: TV Show Setting, Movie: Normal, Animation: Animation Settings). Does Anyone Have Better Settings I Could Use I Have Played Around With The Settings But It Comes Out Wrong Mostly But I'd Like Better Quality Than I Have Right Now, Not Good Even At Presets. Or Should I Rip Using Mac The Ripper Then Encode In HandBrake??

    I'd Like To Know What Your Guys Best Settings Are As My Mum Has Gone And Bought An :apple:TV And She Would Like The Best Quality We Can Get.

    Hope It Makes Sense (Not Good At Explaining Things LoL)

    Any Help Is Appreciated.

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    There isn't a magic bullet. Presets can only help so much, and you will eventually run into a movie or TV show that doesn't meet the norm like the rest do. Some need deinterlacing, some don't... some like VFR, some don't... and so on.

    It is really the simple fact that the best way to get good quality is to make test encodes at various settings and see which looks best.
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    I would recommend that you not rip with Handbrake.

    Rip a few DVDs with MacTheRipper.

    Then, use the AppleTV Preset in Handbrake. Add each film to its queue. Set it work overnight and awaken to the smell of freshly-backed H.264 files.
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    Nov 18, 2007
    Might Not Even Use It Now Just Had A bad Day Trying Ripping And Encode And Just Encode, Guess I Shouldn't Of Updated To The Latest Release Going To Install The Version Before If I Can Find It.

    If I Use It Again I'll Experiment Like Hell And Give A Few Ideas On Settings If I Get Any Good Ones.

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    Nov 26, 2006
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    Yeah dude, what's up with the Capitalizing Each First Letter Of Every Word? It's only slightly less annoying than TYPING IN ALL CAPS! :) No big deal, just a little distracting to read your posts!
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    I Do It Because It Is Easier For Me To Check For Spelling Mistakes And I Also Do Big Reports For Work And Part Time College That When It Started Just So I Can Check My Work Without Forgetting Where I Was, Don't KNow Why I Think Like That Though.

    OK I'll Check The Thread.

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