What's the deal with cheap 1 TB USB sticks?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Ubele, Jul 30, 2015.

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    My stepson found several deals for unbelievably cheap 1 TB USB flash sticks on wish.com -- as in $20. I did a little research, and everyone said that it had to be a rip-off. However, I couldn't find a post from anyone who had actually bought one. So my stepson took a chance and bought one. He brought it over yesterday -- and, sure enough, it shows up as 1 TB on his MBP. I told him to be careful and not put anything on it that isn't backed up elsewhere, in case it fails. Even more strangely, that same drive is sold from various sites for prices ranging from $15 to $400. The legitimate Kensington 1 TB USB stick costs $1,800. So how can a cheap Chinese knockoff (which I assume this is) be sold for only $15? Now I'm seeing 2 TB USB sticks for sale.
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    This web site shows the issue:

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    Try actually addiding 1TB data to it, and you will likely see it fail around 64 GB or something.
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    But as long as you don't add more than 64 GB, it'll be fine. Most people don't need to store more than 64 GB-- but it'll be there just in case ;)

    "1tb usb flash drive 3.0" on Alibaba

    Apparently, you can get 1 TB Usb 3.0 Flash drives in any size and write speed you want.
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    It has not been long since one can finally get a 512GB stick for a more palatable $300.

    That's why I have a 1TB external SSD.

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