Whats the difference Between iTunes Match and Home Sharing

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    Can Anyone please tell me the difference between iTunes Match and Home Sharing, please . Also, can you explain please how I get my films and music to use home sharing
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    Home Sharing is for sharing any media files managed by iTunes to nearby Macs, PCs, Apple TV, iPads, and iPhones. When I say nearby, on the same network. For instance, If iTunes running on your Mac is at home, you won't be able to play any contents from the office, school, or cafe.

    iTunes Match is a $25/year subscription that lets you share music (only music) over the cloud. So whether you are home or traveling, you will be able to access any music you own. Once you activate iTunes Match from iTunes on a Mac or PC, iTunes will analyze all your music file, upload them, and/or match them on iTunes Store. Any music not matched on iTunes Store will be uploaded (up to 100,000 songs and they do not use your iCloud storage) and any that are matched are eligible to use the iTunes Store version (also counted toward 100,000 quota).

    Two things that are great about iTunes Match.
    1. iTunes Match activates iCloud Music Library. You will even be able to use HomePod (via Siri).
    2. iTunes Store uses 256 Kbps AAC and many songs are specially mastered for iTunes. Music from iTunes Store are likely higher quality than your ripped from CD library. So download all the iTunes Match song before the expiration and enjoy higher quality version from iTunes Store even after the expiration.
    I am hoping iTunes Match will be added to paid iCloud storage plan (and use iCloud storage for music not purchased from iTunes Store).
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    The two are completely different things. I don't use iTunes match, but that has been described above already. I find homesharing really useful however. Just turn it on in the iTunes settings on your Mac and it will become a server, such that any other Apple devices on your local network can access all the music and video in your library. I have a Mac Mini that just runs iTunes 24/7 with homesharing, so I can access 1.5TB of media from my two AppleTV's, 2 Macs, iPad and iPhone. This includes iTunes purchases in addition to a large number of DVD's and CD's that I ripped myself.
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    Home sharing is local only... iTunes Match is syncing to the cloud to stream music anywhere.

    Activate Home sharing: File >> Home Sharing >> Turn on Home Sharing and use the same Apple ID/pass on all devices, then add movies TV shows. (import)

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