What's the most effective way to share iWork files between mac os x & IOS 5?

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    I am used to update the same files from my iPhone and from my Mac. Up to now I have been achieving this seamlessly through Dropbox and SugarSync, using an app like DocumentsToGo on my iPhone and Ms Office for Mac on my Mac. It works well for basic spreadsheet or word files. I maintain files like expenses, travel expenses, etc, being able to update these files whenever I want to, either from my mac or my iPhone.

    Excited by the iCloud hype, I have just purchased the 3 iWork apps, both for mac os and for iOS, in order to use native apple apps for that kind of work. Just to find out that synchronization between my mac and iCloud needs to be done manually (in both directions!)! Very disappointed, I have looked to a way to save, access and update my iWork files on Dropbox and SugarSync from my iWork apps on my iPhone, only to find out that iWork apps do not offer access to Dropbox and Sugarsync API's, unlike many other apps, which makes it impossible to do what I want. iWork apps do offer access to WebDav servers, but Dropbox and Sugarsync do not offer Webdav support, and I have not been able to identify a free WebDav storage solution as a replacement for Dropbox and SugarSync. Sharing a file on iWork.com is a clunky process too (involves email). It is impossible to register for a iDisk account, as it is part of MobileMe which has been discontinued, without being transitioned to iCloud. I know it would be possible to open an account with DropDav, which offers synchronization with Dropbox, but this is no solution for SugarSync, is a rather heavy solution, and costs 5 bucks/month!

    So I feel stuck, with 6 Apple apps that are nearly useless for me, unless I find another solution.

    I would appreciate any hint in order to resolve my issue. I can hardly believe that Apple managed to create such a hype about iCloud, while this does not seem to match functionalities that have been available through 3rd party vendors for ages. Steve might be an icon, but I feel Apple should be ashamed of such a poor service! They are getting behind competitors, in my opinion. I would love to hear from anyone who could convince me of the contrary, maybe I missed some key point!
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    Aug 8, 2008
    I have used iWork using dropbox for OSX/iOS sync, just store not in dropbox and access it from any device. The only problem is you cast upload a file from an iOS device back to dropbox but documents in the cloud can help that.

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