What's the problem with iCloud (and MobileMe)?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been reading lately about problems with iCloud, especially mail servers being down and syncing not working. I also remember when MobileMe supposedly kept having problems, to the point that Steve had to reassure customers that iCloud wasn't going to be like that. Now, I ask myself. What are these problems? Personally I've been using MobileMe since March 2009, and iCloud since it came out, and I haven't ever had any problems with either service. Syncing with, at first my iPod Touch and Mac, and more recently with my iPhone and iPad has always been seamless and I've yet to encounter any problems at all. I'm just wondering what these problems are, and if it's just a smaller number of people who face them and complain, and the broader audience doesn't face them, and therefore doesn't complain, which leads us to think that the majority of people face the issues.

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    1. Apple Systems Status

    2. Since iCloud is basically Free Apple is busy making Data Centers (they need to do this in Europe & Asia (Australia, Philippines, Taiwan-China, etc.) to make services better. However this does take time and local laws, etc.

    3. Apple needs to make third party iCloud sync better or offer a developer paid sync system.

    4. We all have opinions but lately the Internet has made a small number of opinions have skewed and the Internet parrot brigade and made a lot of New Media Douchebags . :rolleyes:

    5. With every Internet criticism about something there are MANY other using the service/product just fine, this is a never fail.
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    I think Mobile Me lowered the bar for iCloud.
    When MM came out people expected things like customer support:rolleyes:

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