What's the worst prank that's been done to you?


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Apr 24, 2011
When I say worst I don't mean a lack of quality. I mean scariest/meanest/most drastic, ect.

And you can also answer a similar question: What's the worst prank you've pulled on someone else?


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Jun 22, 2010
Last year my best friend used the key to my house that I gave her and hid under my bed while I was gone. I was tired when I got home so headed straight to bed and of course she reached out and grabbed my ankles. I don't think I've ever screamed so loud in my life, my neighbors probably thought someone was being slaughtered next door lol.

It sounds stupid now but I've never been so scared :eek:

I can't really think of a good prank I've pulled off on someone. I'm terrible at pranking and am usually the victim lol


Jan 18, 2005
Years ago a friend drove round to mine to fix his car. Can't remember the problem but he was under it for around 15 minutes. During this time I somehow found a large sachet of expired chocolate for profiteroles that was in the process of being thrown out.

So I did this

I told him a massive bird flew over and did it, he cleaned it off with tissues! To this day he still doesn't know it was chocolate :)


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Oct 3, 2010
North of England
Someone went on my macbook while I wasn't sat at it, and logged into my Facebook...

Changed my profile picture to Bill Gates in a love heart, changed all my info to "Microsoft <3" and posted a load of status updates declaring my hate for Apple -_-


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May 15, 2012
Someone went on my macbook while I wasn't sat at it, and logged into my Facebook...

Changed my profile picture to Bill Gates in a love heart, changed all my info to "Microsoft <3" and posted a load of status updates declaring my hate for Apple -_-
LOL!!!! My favorite post so far.... I fell off my seat laughing!


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Aug 26, 2006
Atlanta, GA
Mine was actually done to me by my father.

Side story: at our wedding reception, my wife's sister and brothers and father planned on doing a big number as Gladys Knight and the Pips...you know, white people trying to be funny.

I was engaged at this point, and had been for a about a year, but my parents had never met my wife's parents. My parents happened to be traveling near her parents' city, so they arranged to meet them for dinner. At this point, I was out on tour with a theater production and she was living at home. The night they went to dinner, I get a very upset-sounding voicemail from my dad:

(their names changed)

"Sam...it's your father. Soooo...we had dinner with the Smiths. It was alright. We got to meet them and talk about everything. But, Jim and I...well, we just didn't really get along. We just could not agree on some things. Try to give me a call when you can so that I can talk to you."

Of course, I get this voicemail late at night when he would already be asleep. So I am freaking. out. It's really important to me that my parents and her parents get along. Both are pretty easy to get along with, and I thought for sure they would hit it off. So I barely slept that night, and called my dad the following morning.

"What's wrong?? How did you not get along??

"Well...you know..we talked for quite a bit about the wedding and plans for things, and I just don't like how he's planning to do certain parts."

He rattled off a few meaningless things, then finally said "...and most importantly, and the thing we just came to blows over, is that I want to be a pip!"

"What!?! You had me freaking out over here! I barely slept last night thinking you guys were not getting along!!"

And he was just laughing his ass off. As it turns out, they got along great, and still do, whenever they see each other. And the Gladys Knight and the Pips thing never happened anyway!



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Jan 31, 2010
Midlife, Midwest
I generally dislike "pranks" as a form of humor. Whatever elements of "fun" they may have are usually outweighed by the cruelty implicit in humiliating or scaring another person.

That said, I have a friend who has a somewhat annoying habit of talking too much to random strangers he meets in bars and restaurants. When he talks about himself its bad enough, but he's been known to start telling people he's just met all about my personal business, which I've told him is an absolute no-no.

A couple of years ago, this friend was involved in a very, very minor traffic accident. Basically, in very snowy conditions, a school bus stopped suddenly in front of his car, he was unable to stop, and he ended up colliding very gently with the bus. There was no visible damage to the bus, but his car got a dent in the hood.

For whatever reason, a few days after this event, he met a guy he'd known, slightly, in high school. And like an idiot, he'd told this guy the story of his fender-bender.

About two days later, my friend got home to find a voice-mail on his telephone. someone purporting to be an attorney from a very well-known personal accident law firm wanted to discuss "the collision" on behalf of several of his clients.

My talkative buddy spent a whole weekend sweating with worry that he was going to be made bankrupt by this avaricious attorney and a crew of whiplash-collar wearing inner-city school kids. It wasn't until the following Tuesday that his so-called "friend" from high-school called him up to let him know that he'd been pranked.

I wish I could say that this friend learned his lesson about yakking about his personal business with random strangers. But he hasn't. I hope his jackass high-school buddy got a few yucks out his prank.


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Jan 26, 2008
Isla Nublar
The worst prank I ever got pulled on me was this:

I was in Kuwait in 2004 and it gets very hot there. I was in the Army at the time and our tents were so hot that most people only slept in their underwear. (That part is important).

ANYWAY, one night I get woken up by my friend who said "wake up, you may get a rash". I sat up in bed and I could feel something on my ...ehem...male part and I reached down and it was some kind of paste and it smelled like wintergreen....

...Then it hit me. It was ICY HOT! While I was sleeping for revenge for a prank I played on him he squeezed an entire tube of icy hot through the slit in my boxers. I'm a heavy sleeper so I didn't even feel it.

I then made the HUGE mistake of running to the shower to try and get it off. Needless to say I was in the worst pain ever for the next 45 min while I tried to scrub off the icy hot. To make matters worse he then strolls into the shower trailer, laughing at me and steals my clothes!

He got his revenge...

What I did to him:

1. Before Kuwait, when we were at our mobilization site I stole his clothes out of the shower and through them outside in the snow.

2. In Kuwait (and what prompted his retaliation) was that I found embarrassing pictures of him he had stored on my computer (he used my computer for the internet) and made an animated gif of them, and set them as his buddy icon on instant messenger (this was back when you couldn't see your own buddy icon). His sister, girlfriend, brother, parents, grandparents, friends, etc all saw this buddy icon (it was him in a series of pictures in a heart shaped bubble bath blowing bubbles at the camera, meant for his girlfriend).

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