What's up with the latest update?


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Sep 10, 2005
It seems weird. Everyone and their mother seems to be having problems with this update. At first i thought it was just the intel computers, but it seems everyone has been having all sorts of funky problems with it? I updated my computer and havn't had any problems with it, but i feel bad for many people that do. I'm not sure, but it is just weird and confuses me. :confused: I've never seen so many people's computers messed up after a update.

I was just venting i guess, i hope this was just a quirk in updates and isn't a trend from now on! :(


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Jun 25, 2002
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People with zero problems rarely rant that everything is going well.

Apple has a history of messing up things temporarily with my largely unmodified systems but they work it out in the end.

A lot of people who whine have done things to their systems through hacks/customisations. If they don't take care to make sure those hacks are officially okay before they upgrade the operating system, then they shouldn't complain about Apple when the hack causes things not to work correctly.


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I've had a problem since 10.4.6 where my Powermac G4 will not go to sleep. The monitors, the HDD's, the mouse, everything goes to sleep except the machine itself (fans keep going, no sleeping light). I've done EVERYTHING. Re-installed the OS, pulled all third party items from the unit, pulled all periphs from the unit, reset the PRAM and the PMU, repaired permissions. Doesn't matter. So, please, don't blame me for global warming, blame Apple and their ****** updates. other than that, everything is okay. :D