What's with the waiting in line?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mr.steevo, Sep 27, 2012.

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    I went to the Apple Store yesterday to pick up an iPhone 5. The store was about 1/4 full but iPhone purchasers had to wait in a line outside the store. When an employee came by with an iPad to take my name and iPhone preference I was told the wait would be over an hour... there were 7 people ahead of me in line.

    Why the bogus lineups outside the store Apple?
  2. barkomatic macrumors 68040

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    Probably because they have only a portion of employees dedicated to setting up iPhones. It's a more complicated transaction than just ringing up an iPad and handing it over. In some cases you've got to port numbers, check for upgrade eligibility, switch plans, switch carriers and be darn careful you don't lose the unlimited data plan the customer wants to keep.
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    This. Plus don't forget that Apple sells laptops, desktops, iPods, iPads, accessories, has genius appointments, etc. so they need to keep the store traffic flowing smoothly. Not everyone is there to buy a phone and I'm sure they don't want iPhone customers crowding the check out counter.
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    Bogus? Where did you want to stand?

    There is literally nowhere to form a line in an Apple store where you're not blocking one of the display tables. Either they make you stand outside or they have to decide which other product they don't want to sell today.
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    There are millions that would be happy to stand in line to get a phone. Most of us go to the Apple store and they just laugh - not out loud, but they laugh. They have NO PHONES.

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