What's wrong with my internal HD?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by LoganT, Aug 29, 2008.

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    So here's the story,

    My computer had been acting up for the past week. So today I decided I was going to reinstall Mac OS X to get everything smoothed out. I inserted the Leopard disk and hit install Mac OS X, I then hit the only button I could, restart. Assuming it was going to restart the machine and start the process of installing Leopard. Instead of restarting everything got stuck for a while and after around 5 minutes of waiting I decided I was just going to force shutdown my iMac. So I turn my computer back on and proceed to go through the installation. When I got to the select which HD to install it on, the only thing that was there was my Time Machine HD. I go into disk utilities and there's an internal HD that just says "media" and the size of it was "0 bytes". So I shut down my computer and waited a few minutes and turned it on. Good news was my Hard Drive was showing up again. But the bad news was that when I started installing Mac OS X it failed and told me mac os x could not be installed. I went into disk utilities and clicked on verify disk and that failed, so I clicked on repair disk and that failed as well. Now it seems obvious that this would me it is a faulty drive. However is this really just a big coincidene that as soon as I try to install Mac OS X my problems happen? Also I looked this up and they said that this could happen if you force shutdown the computer, which I did. Is there anything I can do or do I have to drag this 24" monstrosity to the apple store?
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    Over there....
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